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  • ratchetred By  ratchetred    

    I'm a huge fan of these! They're delicious! I only gave them 4 stars because they're so addicting and before you know it you'll have eaten an entire bag!

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  • Karyndotnu By  Karyndotnu    

    Its not a nice kick to it and tastes pretty good! Definably something new and different to try. Not bad at all. Tastes great with cheese dip or salsa.

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  • Missxjewel By  Missxjewel    

    My aunt talked me into getting these. Thank goodness because they're amaZing! Seriously, have you tried them?! So good!!

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  • littlebitsofall By  littlebitsofall    

    We love these. Add some beans and melted cheese to the top and you have the perfect lunch.

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  • mouhanna32 By  mouhanna32    

    these are the only chips I get for salsa dipping. They taste so good. You can even enjoy eating it with nothing on it. I only bring this to my parties.

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  • dawns_dish By  dawns_dish    

    I a garlic lover! These chips are perfect! I have bought more than one. Also great for dipping.

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  • theiss58 By  theiss58    

    Really like these I have them almost every night with cheese on them then into the microwave A little salsa is good on top too. These chips are tasty enough to eat plain

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  • carebear5555us By  carebear5555us    

    Good with melted cheese or salsa or even to eat plain.

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  • ShellM4 By  ShellM4    

    Love these chips. They are very addicting as they are so delicious. I eat them mostly without any type of dip as the taste is just incredible and it does not need anything.

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  • simbalala By  simbalala    

    These chips have a great taste. You just can't stop eating. It is healthy.

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  • quietwater By  quietwater    

    Really tasty and adds extra flavor to your meal if you are having nachos.

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  • kmyette By  kmyette    

    So good, no salsa needed

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  • bwarnick27 By  bwarnick27    

    We love these! We found a coupon for then and thought we would give them a shot. We now eat them PLAIN with our lunches or as a snack. Can't wait to try the other flavors.

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  • sislamo By  sislamo    

    Pretty good.

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  • Ellewilson By  Ellewilson    

    I am a chip lover and these were quickly a new favorite. They are much better than plain tortilla chips. They are good with salsa, as a taco salad, or even by itself. We have taken them on a picnic a couple of times and they even pair well with wine. My kids love them too.

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