Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

Hershey 's Candy Cane Kisses

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I so love these i buy them every christmas and i am the one that eats most of them because there so smooth and creamy and love the mint taste.

These things are amazing!! I wish they were sold more in my area because they are so good! I put these in my daughter's stocking this past Christmas and she loved them too!

im obbsessed with these, although I cannot find them in my area anymore, these were perfect, the mint and the chocolate are my faveorite sweet combo, and these were absolutley amazing. Now only if I could find them in a store in my area id have a little bit of heaven every day.

I look forward to winter-time solely because i am IN LOVE with these chocolates. They are minty, and chocolaty, but neither taste takes away from the other making it so perfectly combined. I buy so many bags of these each winter, because i know they clear out fast from the stands.... or maybe its me that's clearing them out ;)

yummy, great late night treat for mom.

I always buy these near christmas. Normally im not a white chocolate fan. But these taste great!

My kids love these. Me too. I like to use them in my holiday cookies to add the yummy minty flavor. Recommend them to everyone. Try it, you'll like it, I promise.

I buy these every year to use in my cookies. They taste great, and look festive. I really love them.

I adore these!!! I am a big white chocolate fan and I love the minty flavor and the bits of candy. Adictive!

Generally not a white chocolate fan but these are unbelievable. Good peppermint taste too, no fake after taste. Probably a good thing they don't make them all year round........I buy candy to put on my desk for visitors that I know I won't like, not so true this time around, you know who ate most of them.

What a dekicious treat for this time of year..anything Hersheys is always yummy..and with mint..candy cane mint..well can't get better than that...

I love using these on top of mint sugar cookies- yummy! I wish they made them red & green- otherwise they are awesome!

These are one of my favorite Kisses they make! I look forward to them every year and I'm sure to stock up! That extra little crunch of peppermint inside seals the deal!

These are SO addicting! I love them. I wish they were available year round!

I've been buying these for the last 2 or 3 years now, and I really look forward to them each year. I like the little crunchy bits of peppermint with the creamy white chocolate. Unfortunately, now everyone knows about them so I can't stock up in bulk after the holidays like I did the first year!