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  • Maxsanders By  Maxsanders    

    We received four of these for my daughter and they are great, though they do seem to entertain adults more than children. My holdback for 5 stars is that one is out of tune!! They are supposed to sing together, and one is a wee bit off. We just leave that poor one out when we play with them. 4 and up would probably be the right age.

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  • deefbi By  deefbi    

    Our daughter received one of these as a toy and it is absolutely creepy but she loves the darn thing. They are too expensive for this economy.

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  • Piccadilly432 By  Piccadilly432    

    I saw this toy in a magazine that rated it number 1. I went to the store to try to find one and play with it so I could make my decision. Couldn't find it. Long story short it took me shopping for them everyday for two weeks to find them. Well worth it!! These little plush toys are adorable!! They are the perfect size! They have 3 modes Sing, Chatter, and Harmonize. Each different one is a different color, have a different voice and sings a different song. And the best part is, if you get more than one together and put it on the harmonize mode they will automatically harmonize,so cute! You have to push their stomach for them to sing which is great! That means your child control the tempo and when your child isn't pushing its stomach its not going off!! A big plus for me. These toys are around $12 a piece and are super hard to find right now, but if you go to department store childrens area where they have a couple of toys they are usually there because people do't usually think about looking for toys their. I know I didn't. Can't talk enough about these toys I love them...trying to wait til Christmas to give them to my son...don't think thatis going to happen. Overall this is a 5 star toy,right price, right size, and so adorable!

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