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  • Monterroza By  Monterroza    

    I just recently had a baby and I'm 18, so to be honest this milk was amazing! My baby loved it. He could not get enough of it. My boyfriends father is a pediatrician and he recommend that this milk is great. My baby not only like it, but it has all the nutrients it needs. It's also at a good price.

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  • loveandcoffee By  loveandcoffee    

    I love the price of this formula and the quality. My son took to this with no problem!

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  • lschultz381 By  lschultz381    

    My son thru up all the name brand formulas and this one he loved. He also never had a sour tummy on this formula, we used the soy. It is far more affordable.

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  • krr819645 By  krr819645    

    MY frirnds son use this and it worked very well with him and he was not as gassy

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  • momma4life By  momma4life    

    i used this in a financial pinch. Needless to say after reading the labels and paying the fantastic price we never went back. I have 4 kids and am grateful for any price break I can find...LOL If you haven't tried this I would give it a chance. I haven't had a can in my home for a while but most walmart brands have a money back guarantee.

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  • dolphin375 By  dolphin375    

    I used Parent's Choice formula for both of my children b/c I refused to pay the crazy price for Emfimil or Similac when it was the exact same thing. After some research, I found that the Infant Formula Act dictates that all formula has to meet state standards. Why should i have to pay more for a label name? I also bought the large tubs from Sam's club and used their Members Mark brand. Walmart is affiliated with Sam's club.

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  • sitrene By  sitrene    

    I breast feed and supplement with this formula. I did the same with my first with no problems. If you email the company via their website you can get coupons every 30 days. That makes this already inexpensive formula even a better deal.

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  • Shahn5 By  Shahn5    

    Our son had really bad reflux and we tried every brand similac, enfamil, etc and he still had reflux. I decided try parents choice after a friend recommended and bought the soy based and he had no problem keeping this down, it worked really well. It didn't hurt that it was cheaper than named brands.

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  • A_williamsbeauty By  A_williamsbeauty    

    I bought this product due to other name brands (Similac and Enfamil) being on the more expensive side. Along with the fact that (at that time) my new born son was throwing up both of the two other name brand products (including the type for sensitive babies) with what I felt was no other option I tried this brand (for sensitive babies) and it worked miracles. I personally think that any baby formula smells really good, so I can?t say that it smells particularly good. Although I can say that I think it smells way better than Similac. From my understanding there is a chart on each of the containers of Parents Choice which shows the comparison of itself to the other leading brands, which I found to be really helpful. Would I recommend this to other moms with fussy babies ?YES.? It?s inexpensive so what?s the risk?

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  • tlws86 By  tlws86    

    Clumpier than the name brand and tends to hold water from the air much quicker, but otherwise it's exactly the same. Really. Save yourself some money and buy this instead.

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  • Fancyface79 By  Fancyface79    

    We used this when we received a free sample from walmart.It's harder to mix and doesn't smell as bad as some formula's.My biggest problem is it seemed to upset my daughters stomache severly she vomitted shortly after drinking first bottle of it.

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  • coconut86 By  coconut86    

    I love this.. My son has severe reflux and he loves this stuff.. he's kept it down. SO i say it's a keeper. I love the Toddler formula!!

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  • trina1975 By  trina1975    

    I tried to breastfeed with both kids but I was never able to produce enough milk. Wound up formula feeding both times. Parent's choice was the brand I used and they both loved it.

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  • hannahsmom04 By  hannahsmom04    

    used it for my first child with no problems, second child made her spit up all the time and gassy

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  • xenagirl By  xenagirl    

    I also received a free sample in the mail by to try and my baby loves it, drinks it with no problems now I'm buying this brand to save money. Its a great choice.

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