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  • debsmad debsmad

    I loved the book, and I enjoyed the movie just as much. A teenage girl is murdered and then watches as her family grieves and tries to cope, and as her killer seems to get away with the crime. The movie does a good job building tension and fear leading up to the murder. You really start to feel the panic as she realizes her situation. And then you feel the confusion and heartbreak as she realizes in her afterlife what has happened, and as she tries to reach out to her family. Some parts of the book are not included, and some of the weird parts seem to work better visually than in book form. I enjoyed this movie and it is something I would watch again and again.

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  • NicoleSpeaksCA By  NicoleSpeaksCA    

    Wow, just wow. This movie was pretty incredible to me. The juxtaposition of the horror, the sadness, the beauty and the hope and the beautifully created afterlife made for a powerful punch. I couldn't stop thinking about it after I watched it.


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