Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

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I agree about being pricey but beautiful jars and some great fragrances.

I agree with debsmad. I like the Scentsy Warmer, and some of there wax scents, but I can buy the wax and the a warmer from a store and cheaper.

Not really that great for the price. You can find something of the same quality, if not better for much less money. Didn't impress me.

As a wax tart connoisseur, I get so frustrated when people push Scentsy as the only way to go. They are highly overpriced and not anymore special than $2.00 packs you can buy at Walmart. They do have tons of scents, but so do all the other companies. One selling point their consultants seem to push is that "the wax doesn't get hot, so you won't burn yourself." That's because their wax has a lower melting point, which means their warmers are also weaker ("so you won't get burned"), which means you can only melt their wax in it, and from what I've heard you can only use their replacement bulbs. Once again, you can buy cheaper and stronger warmers just about anywhere, and you will be able to melt wax from pretty much any brand you feel like trying. Scentsy is a money-suck, and people need to do their research and look around a bit more.