Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

Scentsy Fragrance Candles Wickless Flameless

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Great Product! I have 3 full size warmers and a plug in. My favorite sent is Hazlenut Latte. YUM. Each warmer puts off a good amount of scent that lasts. I like how the warmer stays cool to the touch, and the wax doesnt get boiling hot. The designs of the warmers are nice, and can be proudly displayed, not hidden.

I really like scentsy burners and the many scents they offer. I love that its a wickless candle because i have a 4 yr old and safety comes first! The scents are amazing! One of my favorites is maple butter, its a sweet but wonderful scent that made me want to give scentsy a shot in the first place. I do admit that it can be a bit pricey but a long as you have a burner there are many places you can buy wax bars that are cheaper than through the actual company. I feel that if you like a scent, it doesnt need the scentsy seal.

I have three Scentsys. I love them! No black residue like regular candles.

I got my first Scentsy nightlight plug-in at Mayfest and picked three scents. It was one of the best wickless candles I have used. It heats by a lightbulb and the wax never gets as hot as any other brand. The scents are STRONG and last a good amount of time. I have since went to the State Fair and bought the fll size warmer and more scents. It works wonderfully and has some great scents.