Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Flouride Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Advanced Vivid Flouride Toothpaste

              Rated #4 in Oral Care
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This tooth paste gets the job done. It doesn't seem to offer much that other tooth pastes, including those in the Crest line, don't already offer. It's minty and foamy. I don't notice very much whitening.

I use this product on a daily basis. Have been using it for three months now. It works great.

I have used this toothpaste until I heard that it had something in it that can lead to cancer. Even if it is not true, I still want to stay away from things that have rumors spelled on them.

I have used this product alot it whitens like it suppose to but i have sensitive teeth so i had to stop using it

The toothpaste is OK. Seemed to leave a bit of a bad taste after brushing. Probably not one I'd buy again.

This toothpaste does a good job with whitening. However I did notice an odd thing after using it for a while. The insides of my lips were starting to peel. Very weird sensation. My dental hygienist also said she experienced it.

I can't say my teeth are whiter from this but it does a nice job of cleaning my teeth. It's not to expensive and the taste is pretty good. I will continue to buy it.

I like that this toothpaste helps get rid of years of coffee stains on my teeth. My teeth are so much whiter and healthier looking!

I started using this toothpaste when their was a sale on a twin pack. I use coupons for everything so I got a great deal. I am very impressed with this product. My mouth is always left feeling fresh and clean. The whitening is not as fast as I thought it would be according to advertisement but I can really see a difference in my teeth. I am very satisfied with this product in comparison to other toothpaste so far. I am giving it 4 stars because the # of days it took for the whitening to be visible is different from the 14 day advertisement.

I use this everday for months now

This is only a decent product for me. I don't feel the extreme cleanness feeling after brushing, and I don't notice my teeth getting much whiter while using it either. I've used it regularly for the past month and haven't noticed much difference.

Crest does it again! Great formula! This toothpaste gets my teeth super clean and minty feeling! It also leaves my teeth looking and feeling very clean.

This toothpaste... well, it's pretty dang great! There's not much to say except it gives great results, and tastes great without leaving any weird aftertaste. Keeps your breath fresh for a while too. I love it!

I have to say I went from not using crest products to taking a chance and using.g $1.00 off coupon and trying the vivid white. Well I have to say after using several other whitening products and not being happy I feel in love with the crest 3D advanced vivid toothpaste. Not to mention all the other Crest 3D products. If you haven't tried them you need too.

I do NOT like the texture of this toothpaste but it does seem to keep my coffee stains from coming back whenever I whiten my teeth with strips. I only grab a bottle of this to brush with after each time I've used whitening strips.