Keurig Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System

Keurig Mini Personal Single-Serve Brewing System

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Our Keurig is the greatest product in our house! My husband is the only that drinks coffee but I love tea. And with this coffee maker we can make a glass for each of us!

I love my Keurig!! I am the only coffee drinker in my house, and this is the perfect solution. I love that the Keurig only makes one fresh cup of coffee at a time! This is my new favorite appliance! For the reviewer that says it's not good if you like a big strong cup of coffee, I disagree. I also like a strong, bold flavored coffee! Try the new Starbucks French Roast K-Cups, and you won't be disappointed!

love it perfectfor when you just want one cup of coffie us mine all the time

I really love my Keurig. The best ever.

I love my Keurig, I'm the only coffee drinker in my house and it's so convenient to not have to set up a whole pot of coffee just for me. And even when guests are visiting and I need to make multiple cups, it's super fast, and my everyone loves that they can each select their own variety of coffee. The only minor downside is that the coffee cups are somewhat pricey, but that's what sales and coupons are for.

I purchased this Keurig Single Serve Coffee Maker over a year ago and honestly; I could not live without it. Not only does it brew up a quick cup of coffee but comes in many different flavors. It saves money from not wasting a whole pot of coffee when just a couple of cups will do you. Those as it has been pointed out already; a box of the coffee pods can be a little on the pricey side whe you factor in how much you save by not buying large cans of traditional coffee it is really cost effective. Online auctions such as Ebay can be a great place to shop for them - another cost saver- so be sure and check there before you pay retail. I highly recommend buying one of these. In fact I have bought several and gave them to family as Christmas and Birthday gifts!

If want to buy a Keurig and have a small amount of space then I would say go right out and buy this model. I currently use mine in my classroom for my daily cup of tea as I am allergic to coffee. Saves you money when you skip the Dunkin Donuts drive thru! The only con is that you can only fit a regular coffee mug under the dispenser. I would rather that it was taller or height adjustable to fit travel mugs.

A great little coffee maker with no muss, no fuss and a super cup of coffee!

I love, love, love my mini-Keurig! The coffee is SO much better than what I was brewing before! It's quick, super convenient, and you can enjoy not only coffee, but teas, lattes, and hot chocolate! The only drawback is the price of the K-cups, but I have been finding great deals at places like TJ Maxx, and various places online. I definitely recommend the Keurig to anyone who enjoys a really good cup of coffee!

I really never even used my regular coffee maker at all then I got the Keurig and I definitely started to make coffee at home more. I like having just a small cup of coffee and find that most of the flavors of the coffees you can purchase are not overly strong.

Love, love, love this item. Makes having any coffee or tea drink so simple and there is no waste. highly recommend it!

I love my Keurig Mini. It's great if your someone like me who drinks only a cup at a time. No more pouring unused pots of coffee down the drain or buying filters. The great thing is that there's no measuring and you can have a cup of coffee in seconds. You can also choose from many varieties of coffee, teas, hot chocolate, and chais. I get the refills at Bed, Bath, and Beyond using the 20% off coupon that comes in the mail. They seem to have a wide variety and the best selection.

I love this little baby! The K-Cups are so convenient to use and leave zero mess. There are so many varieties to choose fromsuch as coffees, teas, hot chocolate and even iced coffees. You can choose to order them online from a coffee club and earn rewards, or purchase them at stores like Target, I have even given these as Mothers Day gifts to my mom and my mother in law. They were a big hit!

This single-cup coffee brewer is really fast, but I like a big strong cup of coffee and this doesn't really hit the spot. If you like milder coffee and want it fast it's a pretty good system, but if you don't stick with your old coffee maker--it's a better bet!

I love my Keurig mini! It's perfect for a quick, single cup of coffee in the morning before heading out to work, or for when I just want one cup of decaf at night. Even though this is a "mini," it makes a full cup of coffee -- you just have to use a smaller mug! Everyone knows the K-cups are pricey but I get them at Costco, so the cost isn't too bad. I know you can get a refillable K-cup, but I haven't done that yet. I'd highly recommend this product.