Cheerios Multigrain

Cheerios Multigrain

              Rated #2 in Cereal & Breakfast Food
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Love their sweet taste. The kids love them too. Good alternative to the really sugary stuff.

Cheerios multi-grain are the only cheerios in my home. They are yummy!

Just lk. I like honey nut bEtter.

This is such a great cereal! It is in our top rotation. I love the taste of the multi-grain because it is a little bit different from the original! If you love Cheerio's (original) you will love these!

My favorite Cherrios HANDS DOWN!!! I like all the choices that Cherrios offers but multi-grain will always be in my home.

Great for breakfast and my daughter loves them. Cheerios always has the best cereals.

Very healthy, wholesome, nutritious. Tastes good and you don't feel guilty or bloated eating it

This is my favorite cereal of all time . Me and my brothers love this !

Taste almost the same as the normal kind, but much healthier! I like to put them in yogurt!

My husband loves this cereal. It's the only one he eats. He loves the taste and the health benefits.

Fabulous addition to the Cheerios family. Good and good for you.

Second favorite Cheerios cereal. Love the taste of the multi grain and it's good for you!

Slightly less sweet than original but was wonderful!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Cheerios Multigrain! These are really delicious and have a good amount of fiber in them as well. I love cheerios and when they came out with the multigrain they were running a buy one get one special and now I am hooked! LOVE IT!

For some reason this flavor of Cheerios is not as good as the original or the Honey Nut varities.