Coca Cola Diet Coke

Coca Cola Diet Coke

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I have Type One Diabetes, so I've been drinking diet sodas my whole life, and diet coke was always my favorite. It's fun to have a can sometimes, but since it contains aspartame(an unhealthy artificial sweetener), I've been trying to avoid it more. I like the taste and the memories of it, but the fact that it could be hurting my body ruins it sometimes

Diet Coke has ALWAYS and will always be my favorite cola drink! I don't drink a lot of soda but when I do this is the only one I buy! I can't find the Coke with Lemon anymore so I buy my own lemon and add it to my glass!

amazing flavor. my favorite brand

Great on a hot summer day!

I love diet coke.

I don't usually try dark colas. I tasted this and it felt like my throat was burning. I have to say though, compared to pepsi the coke was better.

I recently tried to drink this in place of the regular coke product. It tasted ok until I swallowed it. Has a yucky after taste. I'll stick to the regular coke products but less often. Soda really isn't the healthiest to drink but in moderation its ok!

I'm addicted it's bad but I can't get over it

I used to be addicted to Diet Coke. I would grab a DC instead of water most of the time. I have to say I've kicked the habit and its not my favorite anymore.

Love it my fav

The only soft drink I will ever drink.

It's okay and it doesn't taste too artificial but it leaves a funny after taste and isn't nearly as good as coke at Pepsi

leaves after taste...

My favorite diet drink. Doesn't taste too artificial.

Not my favorite coke product.