Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter

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I love the real peanutty taste of this peanut butter. It spreads easily and tastes fantastic

This is my second favourite peanut butter brand. Given the choice, I will always choose JIF. But this is a very good creamy peanut butter... not too much oil, and not too thick.

Great for recipe work and baking, also fun and easy for the kids to use. Nice creamy texture.

Skippy is the only brand we use in our house. It is creamy with out the extra layer of oil that comes in some brands. Is great for baking, toast, and PB and J sandwiches!!!!

I love Jiff peanut butter it has great texture and a great taste ,the kids love it as well :-)

In my opinion, this is the best peanut butter on the market. I tried many others until I tried Skippy, now it's the only brand I buy.

Greatly prefer creamy to chunky but to each their own. Goes great with Nutella and honey on toast. Absolutely delicious

I have had a bunch of jars of these in the past, and its not the tastiest of the peanut butters I've tried.

Yummy! :) The only type of peanut butter I get.

Great taste and very creamy. I use it to make my peanut butter pies.

The best peanut butter ever. No need to stir, spreads easily, and is just sweet enough without being overly salty. Skippy is the only peanut butter brand I will ever buy.

a little sweeter than I like, but pretty good as peanut butter goes.

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter is the best peanut butter. . Has the best taste.

not my favorite

Can't go wrong with Skippy Peanut Butter! This is a staple in our home because of it's rich peanut taste, no need to stir and goes on any kind of bread, smoothly. It's especially yummy with apple slices!