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I LOVE my kindle. First off, REMEMBER that the regular Kindle has no backlight, so it will not be lighted. You will have to have some sort of light to read in a dark area/room/outside. Why would they do that, you ask? Simple. Because, people like me, that want to be able to read in brightly lit areas would not be able to SEE it at all because of the horrible glare. I love that I can take this to my daughter's soccer practices and still be able to sit and read. I love the ALL of the free options. There is so much available for it, it becomes overwhelming! Also, I'm a student in college, and I love being able to type up a study guide for a class and directly email it to my kindle and within 2 minutes, I have it to go! It will even read it to me, which is a great study tool. I REALLY can't say enough good things about it. Also, you can download MP3 to it, so plug your earphones in or use the built in speaker to listen to books, music, or lectures! So freaking awesome! I loved mine so much, that I actually bought one for my best friend because I couldn't bear not being able to gloat about it and felt like such a bad friend gloating about it so much! Now, we trade books back in forth and gloat together! :D

I received this for Christmas last year, and I absolutely love it. I read through books fast, and used to have to take 4-5 paperbacks on a weeklong trip with me. My kindle saves space in both my luggage, and in my house. It is also nice to be able to get new books at any time without leaving the house. The battery life is amazing, and the screen really is glare-free. I would definitely recommend this as a gift to any bibliophile.

I love my Kindle and love dealing with Amazon. I also got a lighted cover and can read in bed with the lights out. Once you use this you will never want to deal with paper reading materials again.

I bought the Amazon Kindle for my daughter last year for Christmas. She absolutely loves it ! It is compact enough to carry in her purse, but big enough to read on it easily. She loves to work puzzles on the kindle. There are so many word puzzles and games to download for free. It is an amazing little device and this model has the 3g so can connect just about anywhere to check email and ect. A few weeks ago the Kindle Fire was released, wish I would have waited and purchased that model, I bet it is awesome....but for now this one is more than adquate. I would recommend this to all my friends !

I got this for Christmas last year, I love it! I am an avid reader, I read at least 1-2 books per week, but I am also on a tight budget. The Kindle saves me money, and also the storage space that physical books take up. I haven't yet paid full price for a Kindle book. Most of the books I download are free or bargain, and I'm amazed at the quality of the books, so many are first rate! I find most of mine through I love how the slim size makes it easy to slip into my handbag; I always have something to read while waiting in line or for an appointment. I don't have WiFi, so I have to download my books to my Kindle via the USB cord, but that's very easy to do; it's just a couple of extra steps and doesn't take much longer than downloading from WiFi.

amazing product!!!use it to read books,loan library books using my amazon account,go on web and listen to music i download onto it :D :D the kindle fire is in color and is better in my opinion but I havent tried it.

I have the kindle with 3g and wifi. It is a great tool and I am satisfied with it. I do wish it had color instead of just black and white (screen images). Overall I love it.

Love my Kindle. I have the 2nd generation but it's still awesome. i love being able to switch between several books in one device as I am often a mood reader. I read a lot more and it a lot easier than carrying a million books. The books are cheaper, some are even free! It's even an eco friendly option aside from using the library. Love it!

I love my kindle! My eyes get tired after looking at computers all day and I was skeptical to buy an electronic reader. After much research, I decided on the Kindle because it is not back-lit and is most like reading a paperback book on the eyes. I was hesitant at first, but once I tried it, I love it. Because it is not back lit and requires a light source just as you would a paperback book it does not strain my eyes at all. It is so light too. I could not believe when I took it out of the box and it was about as light as a paperclip! I bought a kindle cover and it is still lighter than a small paperback book. I love both my kindle and the cover.

I am not a fan... My screen died after 3 months. Amazon did replace it but it was a hassle! I hate not having a built in light also.

I don't have this but I have the Kindle app both on my Android and my Ipad and it gets used quite a bit!

A must have! At $139, it's a bargain.

My husband bought me the Kindle for Christmas and I love it! It was hard to get used to the thin feel of the Kindle as it doesn't have the depth or weight of a book. My husband loves it too! Not because he reads but because he says it will save us room in the house due to not having to buy the "bulky" version of the paperback book! And here I thought he was being sweet and thinking of me instead of what is in it for him!!!! Ha! But I do have to agree with does take up less space and is easier to carry with me where ever I go. I am amazed at all the titles that are available too. It is a great product all around! The only thing that I would add would be a way to make it easier to read in the dark without having to have a light attached to it. Would definitely recommend to a friend!

OMG I LOVE IT! I'm a total bibliophile and have a disgusting amount of books. (I can't use my dresser for clothes because it's full of books that I have to protect from my kids! That's why we have laundry baskets, right?) I have been dying to get an eBook reader & had decided on the new Sony Touch. However, my wonderful hubby bought me the Kindle for Christmas and I think it's awesome! I love having so many books right there and I love that they download so quickly, Wireless internet is rather slow, even w/ a top notch connection so I generally do not use it to access the internet. I would love some added features, like expandable memory and a back light. I am purchasing a cover with a light for my Kindle so that I can read it in low light situations as I don't want my eyes to be strained. I also wish that the books were cheaper. Since I am not purchasing a physical book and Amazon can decide to access my account and delete my purchases (as I have heard recently) I do not feel that the books are worth as much as they charge. I feel that if I am going to spend $7-20 on a book/series, I should have an actual book that I can stamp and share with others (which is a feature of physical books that Amazon doesn't allow.) Bottom line, I love this thing. It's one of the best inventions ever. I just think it needs some tweaking.

I am so happy with my Kindle and glad I decided on getting a Kindle verses any other e book. I would recommend getting the cheapest version of the Kindle unless you feel you would not be around wireless internet access enough and therefore need to download books through your cell phone connection. I will not repeat what the above reviews have said. The only other thing I would add is that a friend told me she had a hard time getting used to holding the Kindle because it doesn't have the "book" feel. I did not have that experience at all. I love how light it is, that I can make the print bigger and more comfortable for my eyes, no pages to blow in the wind when reading outside, and I do not have to worry about my bookmark falling out or loosing my page! Kindle will always open to the last page I was on. I LOVE, LOVE my Kindle!