Starbucks  VIA Ready Brew Coffee

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee

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Yes! Finally Starbucks came up with good, dark, instant coffee. I am a fan of the darker roasts - bold, bitter, earthy - and this coffee meets my needs. It's less expensive than buying a cup everyday, and on those mornings when I only want one or two cups of coffee, I don't worry about setting up the coffee maker, grinding beans, measuring, waiting.... This is hot water and go. The other instant coffees on the market are all really light or medium roasts, and they just aren't bold enough. Thank you, Starbucks!!

It doesnt taste like instant coffee which is great, but it is too bitter, but I guess if its bold, its bitter.

I didn't like it!! I thought it was too bitter. Now if they can come up with an instant Latte or something that tastes like their French Vanilla coffee's then they have something going for them.

A cup of coffee that you can prepare by just adding water. Can be hot or cold - you decide. The best instant coffee I have ever had - it's full-bodied and flavorful, just like the regular Starbucks® coffee. Right now available in Med. and Bold. Plus now through October 5, 2009 you can go in and have a free taste - plus they will give you a coupon of a $1.00 off the instant and give you a free tall coffee. Making the 3 pack - $1.95 and the $12 pack $8.95. (under .75 per cup). I drink instant coffee often and this really is the best I have ever tasted.