Perdue Chicken Nuggets

Perdue Chicken Nuggets

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I loved this product and now i buy them all the time and the kids love them as well

My children LOVE Perdue Chicken nuggets. They get really excited when I tell them we are having them for dinner or lunch. I am so glad they are made from REAL chicken, because I feel good serving them.

My son loves them...enough said! Actually my husband and I tried them as well and were very happy with them. I would definitely recommend them.

I wasn't able to get the chicken nuggets, but was able to try the popcorn chicken, the honey bbq, and burbon glazed. I liked that these were real chicken chunks. I did like the plain popcorn chicken the best, they came out nice and crunchy on the outside, moist and flavorful on the inside.

The nuggets were tasty and very easy to make in the microwave. Our kids loved it.

I could not find the frozen chicken nuggets anywhere! However, we did find trays of the nuggets in the refrigerator section. We tried these, just to see what a different brand of nuggets were like, and the kids loved them! I really wish I could have used the coupons since we go through lots of nuggets in the house!

Disappointed that this product isn't sold in my area. I mailed off the coupon to a friend in an area where it is sold.

These got a thumbs up from my little girl and husbnd. I like that they are quick and easy to make on nights when supper is running late.

Yum! We will definitely buy these again. We stopped buying frozen chicken nuggets for a long time....But, my kids loved these and we will buy them again. They are also not bad for the adults!

my kids love this product, so does my husband. I do too. Quick, easy and tastes great. Feel like we are eating the real thing vs something processed. We cooked Perdue and another brand at the same time. The other brand was chewy and salty. Was happy to have the opportunity to get great savings coupons and be a tester.

I have always been a fan of Perdue Popcorn Chicken. My children call them "boulder chicken" because of their shape. I recently triend the whole grain chicken nuggets and I have to say they are fantastic. I like that the breading is whole grain and they are one of the more healthy varieties of chicken nuggets. My children just love them!

Nicely surprised by these nuggets. The kids liked them, my husband liked them and they actually had meat in them (not processed who knows what!!!). Quick and to love them!

Perdue Chicken Nuggets are the only brand I buy. Perdue is a name I trust!! My daughter loves them!! Thanks for allowing me to participate in this campaign.

These taste pretty good and are easy and fast to warm. I used them in a pinch recently when we had some guests with a little girl who loved nuggets. (My daughter is indifferent towards them, sometimes she eats them and sometimes she won't). I didn't serve my kids nuggets at all at home until this program. I'll probably eat them more than my kids will. I am really picky about what they eat - like most parents.

These got a thumbs up from the kids and I like that they are quick and easy to make on nights when supper is running late.