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  • LadyDeeJ By  LadyDeeJ    

    Love this polish. It last a long time and they make a lot of different color's.

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  • musicidol By  musicidol    

    Awesome nail doesn't chip easily and the color payoff is pretty good, but atleast 3 coats are needed to reach an opaque color! And there are so many colors to choose from!

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  • kuananysha By  kuananysha    

    go 4 it

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  • JCLonneville By  JCLonneville    

    Glossy, do not need a top coat and last forever!

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  • jessbc By  jessbc    

    love china glaze, they have so many nice colors and they last a while

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  • lawanaguy12 By  lawanaguy12    

    Not my favorite, had to apply too many coats for me.

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  • emilyjordan By  emilyjordan    

    This is the same polish that my nail salon uses. So I bought some from ulta when I finally painted my nails. It went on good and dried great. But it didnt stay on as long as it usually does when get them done

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  • pasionstarbutterfly By  pasionstarbutterfly    

    love it my fave brand!!!

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  • Girliegirl13 By  Girliegirl13    

    I love China Glaze Nail polish, they have great staying power with a wide range of colors. Their fast dry top coat is amazing and smells better then other nail polish!

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  • Chandler55 By  Chandler55    

    Good and inexpensive. Large range of colors.

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  • JustinaMarie By  JustinaMarie    

    I have expensive nail polish and very cheap nail polish, so I do not have a preference on brand. This is a very good nail polish. It didnt chip and it protected my color polish from coming off as well.

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  • Cloris By  Cloris    

    I have many different types of nail polish, but china glaze is one of my favorites. It doesn't chip easily, they come in great colors. Bottom line is I'm happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys doing their nails.

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  • adriloves03 By  adriloves03    

    Love China glaze two coats are all it takes for a long lasting beautiful mani! Creamy polish doesn't bleed onto cuticles when applied quick drying and tons of colors!

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  • sarah61901 By  sarah61901    

    I love China Glaze nail polish. They have so many colors to choose, from neons to glitter. It comes on beautifully and doesn't require many coats. It lasts for a long time.

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  • derrickandlisa01 By  derrickandlisa01    

    love how it last long and doest chip. comes in great colors

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