vitafusion Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins

vitafusion Multi Vites Gummy Vitamins

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Great Vitamins for those that have a hard time swallowing the larger vitamins. Gummies give the allusion of eating candy and the flavor is good!

They taste great and I can even get my teenage daughter to take them everyday w/out reminding her.

These are soo freakin yum! I have to stop myself from eating the whole bottle in one sitting, I wonder if that's bad for you, but how can something soo good be bad? Impossible! Lol I totally recommend these though! Does a body gooodd

One of the few vitamins my son loves to take. they are addicting and I have to hide them because he thinks they are candy.

A great way to take your vitamins! Taste great and very good for people who don't like to swallow those horse pills.

I love these vitamins very easy to take and tasty!

I love these vitamins! Who says gummys have to be only for kids?! They are tasty and make me actually want to take vitamins everyday, much better than the big horse pill vitamins!

This is great for people who have trouble swallowing a pill or who are bored with regular vitamins. This is a great daily vitamin but if you need something for a specific stage in life you might want to look in to those types of vitamins.

Thanks to these Vitamins I finally got my boyfriend to start taking some!!!

These are really great and great for picky kids who love anything sweet, yet this time it's healthy,lolzz

tastes great. my daughter and i both take them.

I really like these. I have always had a problem swallowing pills and these just make taking vitamins so much easier for me. They taste really good as well.

I love these Vitamins. I also take the Omega 3 everyday.

I LOVE these vitamins. They have a great flavor and are not too gummy.

I actually purchased a more expensive brand but they just sat there and expired. We love these and are constantly buying more.