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Zumba Fitness

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I would LOVE a set of these. My gym offers a Zumba class but I would love the videos so I can work out at home.

Zumba is awesome so much fun! I have had this exercise video set for over 10 years and enjoyed doing it then. My gym started doing a zumba class a few years ago and I still love it. There is something about zumba that releases your inner sexy, makes you feel sooo sexy and gives you a fabulous workout. Great laternative to traditional aerobics classes

I take a Zumba class every MWF!!! I absolutely love it!!! It is so much fun and goes by so fast you don't even realize an hour has past!!! If you don't have a class near you I'm sure the DVD's are worth the money!!!

OMG! I just got this in the mail today! Just doing the basic workout had me sweating! This is so much fun! I'd rather do this than yoga or running any day! I did about an hour and 30 minutes of this and the only reason I stopped was because I have homework to finish lol. I'm trying to lose weight and get toned so I'll post a few months into using Zumba. So far it is great! Oh yeah a friend and I invested together so we each paid half, so we can share the videos, and meet 1 day a week to workout together.