Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Perfume

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Smells really good but if you are a bit sweaty after a while you start to get a whiff of must. So I recommend not to sweat but I mean you can't really avoid it..

Love Spell Smokey and seductive without it being too heavy! A scent that is a good everyday go to.

Damn u , girl in the denim dress!! Victorias Secrets "Love Spell" was apart of the original collection of "beauty" products offered about 15 years ago. I remember in 9th grade this was the "IT" Fragrance every girl and woman, for that matter, had to have! "Heavenly", their 1st actual eau de parfume, was the next hot item, but had a bigger price tag. I remember being bummed I couldn't buy it, but happy I still had my love spell. Idk what it is about that spray it just evokes a natural sultry sexy scent without being too overwhelming, hence good for the tween-younger crowd. Smelling it brings back memories of my youth. Mostly good ones. I'm so happy V.S has re-introduced this old skool line of body splashes, & also adding a few new ones. Two that stick out especially are "captivated" a gorgeous daytime scent for those not too into the flowery scents. And "seduction" which while on sale the shelves for that one were emptied! I was looking for one, maybe In the back of the one next to where it was since the colors of the scents where similar. I searched but to no avail. Then a young woman came by and was dissapointed to see they were gone as well. She then presumed to stretch her arm in front of my face almost elbowing me as she fumbled around looking for one in the back as I had been doing. Then she pops up with one! Soo rude imo. I mean, come on! I was there first! But slow- u blow I guess...Point is chick's don't play when it comes to V.S and their ever-expanding, always sought after gorgeous scents!

Real Magic Beautiful fragrance. It is my favorite of all Victoria's Secret's perfumes. It's not too strong but also not too subtle. The scent is enticing, giving the one who wears it the confidence to know that anyone who comes near them will be put under their love spell.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell is wonderful, the smell is awesome! lasts a very long time and also is a reasonable price!..

love spell is amazing.pure seduction smell amazing too

I love this perfume. I wear it everywhere I go, even just around the house :).

think its awesome. would surely recommend it.

LOVE Victoria's Secret line of perfumes...I collect them and wear them as often as I can! Love Spell is one of my many favorites. The one thing I love about these fragrances is that on label of the bottle there is a description of what the perfume smells like. For instance, Love Spell has the smells of cherry blossom, peach, and white jasmine. How AWESOME is that! Love Spell is such a popular smell that other companies of different products have developed their own version of the fragrance. If you haven't gotten yourself a bottle of this wonderful sensation in a bottle-go get one!!

This is my favorite victoria secret sent. I love it. I will be walking around at work or at a shopping center and if I walk past someone that has it on I am like... Thats love spell. It has a very distinct smell sweet and refeshing at the same time. I find that the sent last for a good part of the day without having to add more of the spray or lotion on. Overall it smells good and lasts long

Love it! My boyfriend doesn't stop smelling my skin after i use this! HE LOVES THE SMELL AS MUCH AS ME! WOuld highly recommend.

I discovered Victoria's Secret Love Spell fragrance in 2005. In the past 6 years it's the only scent I've worn. I buy the body wash, lotions, body butter and the body spray. It has a light, fruity scent that is not overpowering. If a scent could smile, this one would be the one that does. I was in a restaurant eating with a friend. The waitress approached us and said, "What kind of perfume do you girls wear?" (We both are Love Spell gals.) We told her, and she said she'd remembered it from the last time we were there--over a year ago--and said if she ever saw us again she was going to ask. She was going to buy some! Well, since she was a great waitress, my friend and I went to Victoria's Secret and bought her the entire line of fragrances and delivered it to her in the pretty pink bag with pink tissue paper. Oh's that worth it.

Absolutely LOVE this fragrance! This is a scent I make sure I have at all times...although I am almost out at the present time. Time for a shopping trip!

I love that the scent lasts all day. The lotion is great too.

I received Love Spell as a wedding shower gift 3 years ago and have been wearing it ever since! Every time I go out, I have at least one person asking me what I am wearing!! And I LOVE that Victoria's Secret always seems to have a "special" on their products...and I get more for less!!!!