Farmville Facebook Game

Farmville Facebook Game

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I always played Farmtown until someone told me to play Farmville, I was like sure why not. I really loved the game at first. Played for about a month then I just got sick of it. I don't even play it now, just was a waste of my town.

It was ok at first. then after the first few days it gets boring. nothing to do but wait for things to grow.

it was nice at first but i got bored very fast

I love playing the games and it is time consuming.

I was so mad when I realized how much time I was wasting on this game I was pretty far helping other people do jobs and such and one night (when my 3 children were sleeping) I set my alarm for 3 in the morning to harvest something and it was at that point I realized that I should be putting my efforts into something else! My kids would always ask me if I was farming but I didn't realize how much time I was on it! So I sold everything on it ( SO i wouldnt be tempted to go back) and bought red hay bales and spelled out "OUT LIVING LIFE, JOIN ME"

it was fun at first but just started getting bored of it.

All i can say is I love It, Love It , Love it!!! very addicting

i used to be sooo addicted to this. but i found the game got slower and slower as i got better "items" on my farm.. eventually, I lost interest.....

I find Farmville to be an almost mindless way to unwind at the end of the day. I have lots of friends who are my farm neighbors. We help each other with gifts and working on each others farms. I like to see my friend's progress and where they put their trees and buildings. I don't grow crops because of the time constraints of harvesting them but my fruit trees and animals provide lots of income. I think it is an extension of the social networking that Facebook makes so much fun.

I know a lot of people who play farmville and what I have come to notice is that you have to click A LOT and you have to be on at a certain time (depending on the seed you planted and the certain amount of time it takes to finish growing)...It's definitely time consuming, but if you have the time, from what I hear, it is fun.

Get your own plot of land for $0 down where you can build, and plant what ever makes you happy. That just dosen't exest in the real world any more at least not for most of us. You can grow berry's or flowers. Gift trees to your friends, and even help tend there farms. Farm Ville helps fill a nurturing void in a very zen way. It's a great way to add a calm break to your busy day.