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  • ginagina909 By  ginagina909    

    I think I'm the only person who doesnt like this one. Sorry it makes my face greasy!!!!

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  • Vidaxylia By  Vidaxylia    

    This is a great primer! It has a soft, velvety texture that smooths easily onto your face and is very moisturizing. Really helps your foundation glide on and keep makeup looking fresh all day. It is a bit expensive so I tend to use it when I know I will need my makeup to stay on all day but a little bit of product is all you need. Bought a small trial size from Sephora for $10 almost a year ago and have just finished it up. Will definitely be buying it again!

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  • gracielea2746 By  gracielea2746    

    I absolutely love Smashbox Photo Finish primer. It is pricey but you get your money's worth. I use this everyday even if I don't put on make up. It creates a wonderful glow on my skin.

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  • pokergirl By  pokergirl    

    Gpood stuff. Makes your face look so smooth.

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  • Miranda524 By  Miranda524    

    Im 44 and look much younger than my age. I MUST admit that this primer makes me look amazing in daylight. Full force texas sun should make me look like Im 80, but I pass for my mid to late 20's. GET THIS PRIMER LADIES

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  • m000m000 By  m000m000    

    I love this product!!! I buy it at sephora and the price is only $18! It goes on very very smoothly and makes my makeup last all day. I even put some on my eyelids which helps with the eye shadow. It works very well and the price is absolutely worth it!

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  • NIKKIC10 By  NIKKIC10    


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  • kashibars By  kashibars    

    i really like this primer, i cant really compare it to any other primers because this was my first primer that i've tried and i havent even bothered with anything else. what i love about this is how nice it feels on your skin, it really does feel silky. i remember trying a No 7 primer at the drugstore and i hated how it felt when i put it on my skin, very sticky and thick. but smashbox feels great and i do notice a differnce when i wear makeup without it, definitely helps to hold my makeup.

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  • liz_guevara09 By  liz_guevara09    

    i love this primer its great.. its a bit pricy but a little goes along way so its lasts for a while.. i buy the travel size so i can have it in my purse just in case.. lol.

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  • radar525 By  radar525    

    I love my apricot Smashbox Primer. It neutralizes any redness and brightens my skin tone. My makeup lasts the day, and best of all, I have yet to experience any breakouts from this product. It comes in five or six shades now to help out with any skin issue you might have. It is expensive, but in this case you get what you pay for. And a little bit goes a long way. I use mine every day and three months in I have yet to empty the bottle. One pump does it all.

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  • Kayleebabyxox By  Kayleebabyxox    

    Loved this primer and dont mind paying money for a good product. Its good if you use a powder foundation but not so much for a liquid... it makes skin appear oily.

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  • Lashes By  Lashes    

    the 1 oz product has lasted me over a year with daily use, so this is worth it!

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  • Larak12 By  Larak12    

    It's a good product. I HATE the smell, but it goes away in seconds.

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  • scha1982 By  scha1982    

    I absolutely love this primer. Its the best primer I've ever use. It is so soft and velvety. When you put it on your skin, your skin feels so smooth. I use powder foundation it slides on smoothly. I bought this primer in the tube 2.0 oz for just 49.00 and it is totally worth. i really didnt like the primer with the pump because it cost a bit more, you get less product, and towards the end of the product, it started to dry out. If you buy this primer I would recommend you buying it in the tube. I would buy this primer over and over again.

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