CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation

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This is great for dry skin and skin with freckles/blemishes. Does a good job at covering.

I love this foundation! I used to use much more expensive Mary Kay foundation until I tried this and I have definitely switched over. It took me a few days to get comfortable with the right amount to use, but once I did, it is wonderful! I don't look or feel like I have makeup caked all over my face. The color is perfect for my very fair color tone. There are alot of colors available too. One of the nicest things is that when I run out- I don't have to order it from a MK rep- I can run up to the local CVS and buy it off the shelf!

The Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageles Foundation does a great job of evening out my skin tone and covering any blemishes.

This is a nice product. It makes me feel fresh and clean. It can be somewhat clumpy if it isn't put on just right though.

I love this makeup! I don't like wearing makeup, it makes me feel fake, but I need some to even out my facial tones. This makeup is perfect. It goes on light and evenly and feels great. I don't want to leave a room and have people wondering what kind of makeup I had on, I want them to think I wasn't wearing any! This does that and more. I would recommend it to everyone.

This product provides a smooth foundation that lasts a long time. I am a flight attendant and sometimes work long hours in the dry air of the airplane. The temperature on the plane often goes from chilly to very warm, but no matter the conditions, this foundation stays intact and does not settle into wrinkles or creases.

This product is not for me! I did not like this makeup at all. I have sensitive dry skin, but I also get occasional breakouts. I like moisturizing foundation that does not irritate or breakout my skin, so I thought I'd try this. The makeup didn't seem very moisturizing, and it just sat on my skin and was a little cakey. It also emphasized the tiny hairs on my face making them more noticeable. I was disappointed with this product, especially for the high price!

I most certainly can NOT live without this foundation. I have never had a base that goes over lines and wrinkles and makes my face look so smooth. It does seem a little costly to me so I stock up with good coupons and sales but it is so worth it. I even tried some Mary Kay foundation this last time I ran out and was so utterly disappointed I had to go straight out and buy more Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless. It has the most fabulous results and has the moiturizer built in as well. It really is a win-win situation. It doesn't take a lot, if you get too much of this foundation it will look very bad but for those that have perfected the amount have wonderful smooth faces. I know I do and won't ever go back to anything else!

I have used this product but am not very excited with the results. It is a little difficult to apply evenly and in my case it makes me feel and look fake.

I think this is the absolute best make-up I've ever used! You don't use a lot of product to achieve good coverage so the product seems to last a long time. I have combination skin and have always had trouble blending the dry and oily spots both but with this product it works great all over and seems to flawlessly blend right in! They also seem to have a lot of color choices to fit just about anybody's tint!

This is a great foundation for my 62 year old face but I using the primer makes the application so much smoother. The finish is great and not heavy.

This product has good coverage and a light feeling... but it's a little on the expensive side. I have combination oily/dry skin, and my oily spots do not feel shiny by the end of the day. I also have an uneven complexion - the dark spots around my eyes do shine through if I don't use another concealer, so that is something to think about if you are looking for a one stop solution. It doesn't seem to last as long as others that I have tried, either... I have recommended this to friends and family, and have been relatively happy with the product.

I absolutely love this foundation! I am 36 yrs young, and so far have minimal lines/wrinkles around my eyes only. I have a tendency to have dry, uneven skin and have mild acne breakouts when the hormones start raging. This foundation goes on super-smooth and is very easy to blend. The coverage can be from very light to full, depending on how you prefer it. It seems to last without breaking up, sliding off, or feeling cakey--and that's a bonus here in hot & humid Florida! I have recommended this to a friend of mine who is an aesthetician (and very picky about what she puts on her skin) and she too has fallen for it. I would not hesitate to recommend this product!

CoverGirl teams with skincare giant Olay to develop a forward-thinking foundation formula. They achieved that goal by combining Olay's Regenerist Serum with Cover Girl foundation. Then, to protect the skin even more, they included SPF 22 to protect the skin daily from the harmful rays of the sun. This foundation is so cutting edge it won an Edison Award for innovation. The foundation goes on clean and looks natural and the price is nice.

I have also tried this makeup - and I don't like the coverage that the foundation gives. I also tried the blush and was not impressed. My skin is dry and I didn't think either product blended well. However, I really liked the corrector and concealer and would buy those again.