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I saw it in 3D it was such a good movie! it had action and drama i loved it. It was really long though

I thought this was an incredible movie. Great storyline with a little bit of everything... Action, adventure, romance, comedy, etc. The special effects were phenomenal!

I went to this movie with my husband only because he REALLY wanted to go. I had no intention or want to see it. We saw it in IMAX 3D and what a great experience it was. I had to admit that he was right and I was wrong about this one.

I recently saw this 3D movie with my daughter & I LOVED IT! I wanted to see it because it was 3D & for the effects but the storyline was so good too. The movie had beautiful colors in the virtual land of Pandora (like under a blacklight) and the picture quality was amazing.

Amazing movie!!! Stunning picture and visualization.

I saw this movie with my 12 year old son and we LOVED it. Was worth every dime. It was so real. Such a great experience.

This was one of my a lover of nature so it really hit home for me and i always love a good love story! Everyone should see this movie atleast once! Fantastic!

This movie was a huge hit due to the AWESOME technology used to make it. Plus it had a classic story line that makes us feel powerful.


I really liked this movie. It has great colors and special effects. My toddler watch parts of it.

I loved this movie, so did my whole family, we couldn't stop talking about it for weeks.

WOW IS ALL I CAN SAY PLEASE HAVE A PART TWO. Gonna see it again at theaters since they put the deleated sceans back in the movie can't wait to own that copy

This movie was amazing....especially on blue ray or 3D. The graphics were really something......and the story was interesting. My whole family enjoyed!

Great movie, my kids and I love it and have watched it several times. It's a good one for the whole family

This was one of the best movies of 2009 if not The Best! It is an original movie that incorporates action and romance. It is the feel good movie of the year. Would love to see a sequel.