LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

LeapFrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

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This is a great toy, but the legs on older versions are a bit more stable since they have "feet." Also watch out to find out if the one you're buying has detachable legs or not. Obviously the detachable leg versions allow you more freedom for storing it flatter and modifying it for younger children.

This was by far the best toy I ever bought! My children played with it forever and now I continue to buy these for gifts. We would take the legs off and place directly on the floor for great tummy time!

My son get bored with toys very easily. He's amused for a minute or so, then moves on. This toy however, kept him entertained for quite a while and he keeps coming back for more. Definitely a great toy and we love that it's educational to boot!

I'm a Professional Nanny and a lot of the families I've worked with have this toy. All of the kids love it! From babies to toddlers, there's something for every age. The baby I currently work with loves to bang on it and I get to teach him about colors, shapes, alphabet, etc. Ages 6 months to 3 years.

Both of kiddos absolutely loved this toy...It was perfect for the wobbly stage, when they weren't walking just yet alone and just learning to stand. Lots to keep them entertained and stable when they fell or pulled themselves up on it.

my daughter loved this!! we got it at a very reasonable price. it was very simple to assemble, very easy to replace the batteries.

My daughter loved it! I can't wat to get it out for my son. Lots of entertainment for littles ones. My daughter loved dancing to the music once she could stand. I also like that before she could stand, it could sit on the floor and be played with.

My boys (1 and 2) Love Love Love this! Bonus: very educational!

Very good toy to learn from. My son loved playing the little piano on it. It kept him entertained.

My son absolutely loves this music table. He is 18 months old now, and it has consistently been one of his "go-to" toys for a while now. He loves the "spanish mode" and will often switch it to Spanish himself. I think my husband and I now know all of the colors in Spanish by heart!

When creating my baby registry, I was looking for some items that I could use past the 1st year. I came across this activity table which disassembles and can be laid down flat on the floor so that our 4 month old infant can play with it during 'tummy time?. There are 8 different activities on this table which include a book in the center which changes the settings when the pages are flipped. It switches from a music theme to a word/letter them when you flip the page. The music theme is more appropriate for infants and the letter/word theme is more appropriate for toddlers. The different stations of the table teach your toddler the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, open/close action and high/low. One of the best features with this toy is the volume control switch on the bottom of this unit. I would always keep it on the low setting until my toddler realized what the switch was for. He then would always switch it to the high setting. When the batteries are low, the unit can randomly turn on and off which can be extremely annoying during the night. I highly suggest changing the batteries at the first sign of being weak. This will also prevent the unit from failing when batteries start to corrode. One of the downfalls of this toy though is the open/close door. Not only would this door become disconnected, but my toddler would enjoy storing snacks in the little cubby.

***** Thats all I have to say

My daughter LOVES the LeapFrog Learning toys :)

My special needs daughter has this table and loves it! The only holdback I have to giving it 5 stars is that is burns through the 3 AA batteries that it takes VERY quickly!

This was one of my kids favorite toys. They played with it until they were nearly 4. I have purchsed several as gifts for friends/family.