e.l.f. Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

e.l.f. Cosmetics Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

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I like this product. it works really well but the only thing is that it hurts my eye lids when i apply it. the applicator isnt very soft, actually its very rough. but the product is still great!

Ordered two online and one of them didnt even work but the other one worked perfectly.

Love this!!! Lasts all day and is highly pigmented! Great deal for only a dollar! Deff one of my favorites in my collection!

I have to give this a three star rating because my oily eyelids smudge off this product. I would have to set eyeshadow over this if I want it to be long lasting. It lasts longer on my sister than myself. It is easy to use though.

This is a great product. It has a felt tip which makes precise application very easy, especially if you are looking to do very thin lines. The black eyeliner pen is very dark and applies evenly. Once it's dry, it doesn't smudge at all and stays on all day. It is easily removed with eye makeup remover. The packaging is all black and very chic. It costs only one dollar and is more than worth the price you'll pay for it! Will definitely be repurchasing in other colors in the future.

I love love loveee these! There easy to put on and its a soft brush! for one dollar its way worth it! :)

Great for the price, I buy it again and again, It makes it easy to make my Winged eye look! Its on of my faves.

This has to be my favorite waterproof eyeliner. The applicator is like a felt-tip pen, which helps guide in making any thin or thick line you want. Make sure you store it sort of upside down so that when you go to use it, you get the most liquid you can (and so you know if it's REALLY dried out or not). Once it dries, it does not budge, smudge, or even fade. How can you beat that for just $1? You can't!

Perhaps I had gotten a bad pen, when I ordered. It was dried out, and did not have a consistent application - it was VERY splotchy, and was not pigmented at all.

I LOVE this eyeliner pen! It doesn't budge all day. Being as it's waterproof, it can be more difficult to take off, so keep that in mind if you have really sensitive eyes (mine are sensitive and I do okay, but waterproof eye makeup remover doesn't bother my eyes). Sometimes the caps are illfitting and the pen can arrive a little dry (or be purchased a little dry), so pick up two! At $1, it's a risk worth taking!! I've actually bought this many, many times and only had a dry one, once. My boyfriend left the cap off of his & it dried out (bummer!). I recommend this product to all of my friends (any many of them have bought it).

I love this product... would like more!

I love this product, $1.00! Are you kidding me? Amazing wont find better for $10

Never heard of this product make eyes so sexy and it's only a dollar!

What a great product for $1! It absolutely does not budge! My biggest test for it was a very long day, most of which was spent outdoors in very hot, humid weather. Even after perspiring heavily, this eyeliner stayed put. I have not used a liquid eyeliner very often previously, but had no trouble with application. You can vary the thickness of the line quite easily.

great product! doesnt smudge, and for a dollar? who could beat that??