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  • TalkNerdy2Me By  TalkNerdy2Me    

    I bought this a few years ago and have been repurchasing it ever since. The serum claims to help with frizz and add shine and it certainly does. I found that adding too much however can have disastrous results. Your hair will become too oily you (or at least i did) may want to rewash your hair. This can be especially tragic for those of us who make it a rule not to wash our hair too often to prevent drying it and to help control the oil production of our scalp. It's very inexpensive and smells great. It makes my hair look silky smooth when i straighten it. Results are definitely notifiable after the first try. The only reason i gave it a 4 is because i wish it would help a little more with detanggling but for that you'd need to use more than you should which would again result in extremely oily hair.

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  • MissMichelleAmy By  MissMichelleAmy    

    Inexpensive and adds shine to hair. I have thick Asian hair and this product doesn't do much. It also doesn't last very long.

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  • lizmat By  lizmat    

    This leaves a shine to my hair that doesn't last long.

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  • beautinsuccess By  beautinsuccess    

    This is the absolute best, I change my hairstyles often. I have naturally curly hair, it helps smooth and reduces frizz, when I flat iron my hair straight it smooths it, and gives it a nice shine. I wear extensions again a nice light gloss and doesn't weigh down the hair. I love it my favorite right now. I've recommended this and everyone who uses it loves it.

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  • bloni77 By  bloni77    

    for us girls who have curly hair, this is a good product. it defies humidity and keeps my curls luscious and bouncy without weighing my hair down, and it smells great. love it

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  • lilyblossom By  lilyblossom    

    Not expensive, and smells so good and makes it shiny and not frizzy at all. Atleast for a few hours. I mean it's not a miracle worker people!

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  • mlanzillo By  mlanzillo    

    Love this product. I put a little in the palm of my hand and apply it to wet hair and then you can also do the same once hair is dry prior to flat ironing and it gives you that sleek frizzfree but non greasy (which is HUGE) look. Its a very good product and you get a lot of bank for your buck.

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  • JosieJadore By  JosieJadore    

    This is actually a really awesome serum for frizz that is very affordable! It has a nice scent as well and it doesnt weigh your hair down nor does it make your hair greasy!

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  • ab1490 By  ab1490    

    I use this daily to keep my flyaways at bay!

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  • HeatherSeasr83 By  HeatherSeasr83    

    I've bought and tried, but I have really thick stubborn hair and it really was not for me

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  • kimboslice By  kimboslice    

    wow i absolutely live by this product don't go a day with out using it works really great for those with naturally curly/ frizzy hair and just want no frizz tons of shine and sleek beautiful hair then this product is for you!

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  • RoseNoire By  RoseNoire    

    Not only does this product eliminate my frizziness completely without making my hair seem oily, the smell is absolutely fantastic!

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  • kelseyA20 By  kelseyA20    

    Makes your hair less frizzy and its cheap! :)

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  • awalker34 By  awalker34    

    i have curly hair and this product helps my hair from getting frizzy this is by far the best garnier fructis product ever made. i really love it

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  • courtneyhaueter By  courtneyhaueter    

    This works, but... after a couple hours my lighter blonde hair looks dirty. :/

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