Fiber One Chewy Bars

Fiber One Chewy Bars

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Great taste...They have a little bit more sugar than I would prefer. In addition they cause the release of stomach gases. However, they are one of the tastiest ways to take 1/3 of your fiber for the day at once (especially for people that do not like vegetables and fruits even though I am not one of these...)

i love these. perfect snack to toss in my purse or in my desk at work.

I love these, especially the chocolate oat variety. They keep me feeling full and satisfy my desire for chocolate.

absolutely love these, I love that they are always on sale somewhere. Which makes them affordable. My husband and I love the strawberry & oats and PB brownie ones.

I adore these bars! They are tasty and filling and low calorie. As a teacher, I need a quick snack between classes to keep me going and this does the trick! I buy them every month and I love the other products this brand has come out with as well!

These bars are great! They are filling and tasting somewhat like a rice krispie treat, drizzled with chocolate, works wonderfully to quell the need for something sweet without the guilt.

These are really good.

Seriously? These are a TREAT! Yum! (oh, and I'm getting closer to my daily recommended amount of fiber!!

These are my chocolate fix. The chocolate taste is rich and gooey. I buy these every week. I have tried several store brands and they seem to be very comparible. The peanut butter ones are great for people dieting because it is so hard to find anything peanut butter that is low fat.

Now, these are delicious, but for me, i not getting any fiber comared to what i usually get. i would recomend these to a friend by taste, but i would not recomend this to a friend by fiber amounts. So if they could add more fiber, that would be great!

These are great but you can't eat too many, awesome source of fiber.

Love the chocolate chip and the peanut butter varieties. Great to have when you want a healthy sweet snack..

i love these,first tried one at a friend's house ,now my family loves it

Fiber One bars are amazing! My husband and I love them. I buy the peanut butter flavor and I buy the value pack (10 bars) and I get excited when they are on sale and I have a coupon! I pack one with my lunch everyday! We really noticed a difference after incorporating more fiber into our diets and these taste great!!!

I love these! particularly the peanut variety. I like that they are tasty and low calorie. I don't feel guilty after eating one!