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  • gwanita By  gwanita    

    what a great childrens movie

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  • lobbanisgod By  lobbanisgod    

    childhood favorite!

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  • wagarific918 By  wagarific918    

    Awesome movie

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  • Dishuster By  Dishuster    

    My girls love this! So cute!

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  • Liliana6 By  Liliana6    

    Disney movies are the best they are so sweet and cute i enjoy watching these movies even at my age.

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  • unaskier By  unaskier    

    A Disney classic. I love the colors in Snow White much brighter then other animation.

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  • leahpet By  leahpet    

    it is a walt disney classic and both my children and i love it.

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  • majesticgoldenrose By  majesticgoldenrose    

    an exciting classic that chills you each time, although you already know the ending

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  • sarahisrad By  sarahisrad    

    One of my childhood favorites!! I'm excited to share this one with my children!

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  • MrsAnzures By  MrsAnzures    

    Timeless Movie! Loved it as a child and Now My kids Love it. Perfect for Little Princess.

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  • ajenkins By  ajenkins    

    I love this Disney Classic!!! I have shown this movie to all four of my kids when they were little. My two daughters and I watch it every time it comes on TV even though we have the movie.

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  • motheroftwoboys By  motheroftwoboys    

    As always, a true beautifully told fairy tale for all ages. Love it! This is just one of the Walt Disney movies I want to get for my grandchildren on blu ray

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  • mscupcakegirl By  mscupcakegirl    

    Love it! It's an all time classic!

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  • ransoman By  ransoman    

    I love Disney movies the animation is always the best and I also love sleepy.

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  • holly_mccombs By  holly_mccombs    

    Good movie

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