EOS  Lip Balm Sphere

EOS Lip Balm Sphere

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Everyone said how wonderful these lip balms made their lips feel. So I tried them. The flavors were pretty good but they didn't do anything good for my lips. They felt the same as essential oils felt on my lips...very dry. I wondered if they have some kind of oils in them. I just threw them away. Maybe great for others but not for me.

EOS Lip Balm Sphere is decent for moisture but I prefer other brands over this one. The sphere shape makes it even worse. Tubes are so much better.

I just find the overall design of these to be extremely awkward. I prefer chapstick type lip balms.

Over-hyped I don't get the hype around these things. First of all, they're bulky, and the shape makes it awkward to apply. But most importantly, it doesn't work well! I always need extra moisture in my lips, and these just don't do it at ALL. I much prefer Nivea, Aquaphor, or C.O. Bigelow Night Balm.

Lip Moisture at it's finest This is a great lip product that EOS has come out with and when I first heard about them, I was skeptical. I thought it'd be another brand with products that don't work or end up giving you a rash because of cheap quality. I finally tried it one day and loved it. It was very moisturizing and sensitive to my lips as certain brands of lip products make my lips burn. You don't need a lot and it's an easy application to put on. Very smooth and their scents are all really nice; you can tell it's real extracts. I also love the packaging although it's a little annoying to fit it into your jean pocket. My only other downfall was once you get low enough into the product you can't keep just using your lip to put it on-You have to dig your finger at it to get the product out. It does last a long time though.

Great For Moisture These are a little awkward to use but I do like the results.

Moisture rich Moisture rich lip balm. Keeps lips moist for a long time. Love the flavors.

Apply and Apply I have tried a few different flavors. These go on okay. But they are a bit hard. You must apply to lips over and over again. The scents of these are nice.

EOS lip balm I love the shape of this product but also how it makes my lips soft and smooth.

EOS The lip balm works, and my grandkids love the shape. I prefer something smaller for in my pockets, so I gave them a 4 instead of a 5.

Family Favorite! My teen daughters love this lip balm. The shape is so cute too!

Cute packaging and convenient. I love these. They are very convenient to use with cute packaging. Keep lips moisturized for hours.

Always a great buy I love buying these lip balms they keep your lips smooth.

These lips balms are great and my granddaughter loves them too.

Glides Smoothly I love every eos lip balm that I have tried. I love the scents and how the lip balm glides over my lips. My lips are left feeling moisturized and not sticky.