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  • katger48 By  katger48    

    I have always been a fan of romantic vampire stories. My friend gave me the first book to read and I wasn't sure if I was going to really like it. It is sooo different then what I am used to reading. I am on the 2nd and have to say I am hooked. I really like getting into a series. I am looking forward to seeing how Sookie and Bill's characters progress and how the rest of the cast add to the story.

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  • alientwilight By  alientwilight    

    I love this whole series.I am a big Eric & Sookie fan.I am glad that HBo did the show.I am ready for the 4th season to begin in June WaIting Sucks! OOOOOOOOO Sookie :)<

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  • nylightsbrightlyshine By  nylightsbrightlyshine    

    I'm addicted to these books!! And to be completely honest, I HATED vampire novels before starting this particular series. Fantastic if you're looking for an easy read filled with humor, sci-fi, and a healthy amount of smutty passages!

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  • LetMeTellYou By  LetMeTellYou    

    I love Sookie Stackhouse books. Can't wait for the next one.

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  • rmills By  rmills    

    I loved all the Sookie Stackhouse books they are so much better than the HBO show. The show completely went way off track! I dont see the point in messing with something that is already good....I would recommend this series definietly!

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  • Squiggle By  Squiggle    

    I love Sookie! I am a fan of the show and the books... I would say I look Sookie in the books better. The humor is great. I think an afternoon with Charlene Harris would be great. Where does she come up with these ideas? HILARIOUS. If you are looking for some books to pass the time, grab your attention, and laugh out loud, these are great!

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  • ancstric By  ancstric    

    I LOVE these books. Charlaine Harris is such an engaging writer. Once I get a new book in the series, it takes about 2 days and I am done. I WANT more!!! I would like to say that it is a shame that HBO turned the series into a trashy, sex show. Sookie has her fair share of "fun" in the books, but Harris isnt explicit about it.

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  • shelly_noble24 By  shelly_noble24    

    i love these books.iv read them many times.i also love the tv show based off will love these books when you read them if your into should like the show to but be forewarned lots of adult content

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  • cjrn19 By  cjrn19    

    I love the humor in this series! I'm hooked on Sookie!

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  • tiffanyvsrobot By  tiffanyvsrobot    

    I did not buy the set, but instead bouth them seperately as they came out. Im a die hard true blood fan but its almost like two stories with the same characters (kinda). charlaine harris jas a wonderful imagination and leaves no questions unanswered (unless its a surprise!). LOVEloveLOVE

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  • mamatomonsters By  mamatomonsters    

    Love love LOVE this series.

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  • pcelestegibson By  pcelestegibson    

    I cannot get enough of these. I am addicted and it can be a bit embarassing but I started these books about a week ago and am on book six. I have been entranced in these

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  • Fashiondreamer By  Fashiondreamer    

    These books were FABULOUS!! I read the first nine last summer and couldn't put down the tenth! I higly reccomend these books to anyone who is looking for a fun and addicting read :)

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  • wvmommyX By  wvmommyX    

    i think Im the odd one out. I thought the first 4 or 5 books were good, but by the last two the editing has gone down hill. The character development has also been lacking, especially in the last book. I think that it might be time for the series to come to an end. I do love the tv show though!

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  • kornchick166 By  kornchick166    

    Love the books! Can't put them down!

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