Ergo Baby Carrier

Ergo Baby Carrier

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Love my ergo! It was great to use from the very beginning and even up to a year I could breastfed my daughter in it and no one would be the wiser. She would fall asleep after eating and it was great if we were out shopping or for a hike.

I purchased this based off of so many positive reviews. Unfortunately, none of the reviews I found nor the product description mentioned that I would not be able to use this without the infant carrier when the baby is under four months of age, despite having exceeded the weight limit of the infant carrier. My baby is past the minimum weight requirement, but was not old enough to use the carrier. I think this had to do with the fact that at a young age, the baby's hip and legs aren't able to spread out enough for the carrier to work. Additionally, the instructions are very visual (images rather than wordy description). Good for the visual minded, but it took me a little while to really understand how to adjust the carrier properly for my body stature. It isn't very easy to adjust by myself, so I needed help with the initial set up. Once that is done, however, it isn't so hard to put the baby in the carrier on my own.

I tried multiple carriers. The Baby Bjorn was easy to put on, but it killed my back. The Moby was too complex and I did not have the time to look at the instructions every time I was putting it on. Then I tried the ERGO!! I had no idea what I was missing. This product is top notch. I love that my back doesn't hurt and that it's not a complex process to put it on. Props to Ergo on this product!!

I love the Ergo because the baby's weight is on your hips, rather than your back and shoulders (i.e. Baby Bjorn). I wish I would have bought this from the very beginning. My daughter loves it and falls asleep in it. I also love that you can wear it on your back.

I bought this after my Moby got too hot in the summer. It breaths. I also have back and hip problems and I could carry my little guy until after he was 2. I am short and he is a big guy, I loved this.

This is my daily use baby carrier. It is a little hard to use on my own with getting the baby in it but with some ingenuity I can manage. Once the baby gets to a certain weight it becomes a burden and hurts your back.

I have tried all sorts of child carriers. And ergo has my heart in the easy to use Ergo Carrier! I dnt have to sit there and fidget with mile long fabric, or worry about if i tied the knot tight enough , or if the babies hips are just right. Nanny of thee and use it even with the toddlers! comfortable , easy to use and seconds to snap on! Thank you Ergo! Easy to clean if you get some spit up on too! Highly recommend to all baby wearers! If i see someone with another carrier, sling, wrap .. i show them what my ergo can do!

This is my favorite thing that I have bought since my son was born! It's so quick and easy to put on and he just loves being in it! Anytime he has trouble falling asleep I put him in this carrier and he out within a few minutes.As long as I have the straps tight enough I don't have any back pain the way I do with just holding him.

Best baby carrier I have ever owned. I have tried just about every wrap, carrier and sling and this one is the only one I have felt 100% satisfied with. Baby fits snuggly inside and is so comfortable she actually SLEEPS while we shop making for easy shopping trips for me. I feel the way it is designed helps allow her to sit properly and securely. I would recommend this carrier to everyone having a baby, wish the price was lower but it is what it is and this carrier is worth every cent!

This is - hands down - the best baby carrier you can buy. It is one of the more expensive ones, but it takes the pressure off your back and shoulders, while letting baby sit comfortably.

It's very good! It makes carrying around the little ones so much easier! I will definitely be using this for all of my children!

I loved having my daughter in this. Tried the other popular ones, but this is the best. I had a lot of back problems and the carrier is so much better than carrying the baby around.

I think I have the older version where the back is not as high. Had my daughter in it since about 2 months when she got to be too heavy to be in the Bjorn w/o lumbar support. Went on 1-1.5 hour walks with her and she'd fall asleep (no need for the infant head support). Love the pockets for keys and such.

I purchased this to use with my 2 month old baby during a family vacation to Sea World and around town. I had heard rave reviews and this was the reason for this purchase. We got the Ergo in Lilac and paid $125 or so. I thought it was ok. We used it without the infant insert and she was comfortable in it. For something claiming to be ergonomic I found that it put a lot of strain on the shoulders and neck. It took a lot of adjusting to get it to not over stress those areas. It was a big cumbersome to get the baby in and out of it but it served it's purpose. It also did not have the ability to face baby forward which was not ideal since as my baby got older she wanted to look around and could not. The up side is that my 3 year old could ride it on my back and that was nice for when the baby was in the stroller and the toddler was getting tired. Once I got the Britax Baby carrier I gave up the Ergo permanently. It was no longer the most comfortable baby wearing option. The good thing is the Ergo holds up its value for resale. I was able to resell the used Ergo for around $90.

I love this baby carrier. It's very comfortable and the Bjorn made my back hurt. Both my husband and I love using this carrier to hold the baby. It's comfortable for both baby and parent and it doesn't cause any back pains! :)