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Pampers is the only brand I've been able to use on my daughter and they have always held up. The cruisers have given just the right amount of extra room needed for daily movement. I will always recommend this brand.

Good Diapers A little pricey, but great diapers. These are my preferred ones.

I started my newborn out in Pampers and never had any problems with them. However, when she got older we had problems with her peeing through her diapers and had to switch to a different brand. Perfect for my newborn though.

Amazing brand of diapers I used pampers from the time my daughter was born. Amazing brand! Love how they have the indicator that turns blue after being used!!

Rewards never got so awesome...LITERALLY I've always loved Pampers but their rewards system sucked until I went on one day a few weeks ago and came upon a new feature. They have cash back! You can redeem your rewards for a paypal transfer and it's been amazing how much the savings add up. When I first went on after a long time, I'm guessing, they changed the old points into cash back so I had 7 bucks since then I've gotten almost 20$ in rewards coming the end of the month. They give you extra for adding more than one code and I am a mom of 2 kids who still wear diapers. Saves a lot of money. Pampers Swaddlers are my favorite diapers I also should mention. They fit snug on my kids and I don't have to buy the crawlers editions of most brands because these really hold well. Very absorbent and leak resistant.

Quality Pampers is still a quality product- I am trying to be more eco friendly and use cloth diapers. In between washing those, I use these and it gets the job done

Pampers Diapers are what we used and what we've given as gifts. There's never been any complaints about them not working.

love I have used pampers and now my grandchildren use pampers, Great product, They do what they are suppose to do and I don't have to worry about leaks or my grandchildren having rashes. Definitely worth the price and I love the variety they come in. @tisonlyme143

Favorite Brand hands down We prefer pampers compared to other brands for a number of reason. They absorb moisture without becoming big and poofy and they are soft against skin. The swaddlers have a wetness indicator which is great when for newborns. I also like the option of the Pampers Pure diapers

The best I love pampers diapers I always put a fresh diaper on as soon as we put our kids to bed and they are the only diapers that don't leak and my kids are belly sleepers my 3 year old now wear pull up by pampers while my 1 year old does cruisers always have and will use pampers

If you want diapers to keep you dry.. I preferred and used Pampers brand on my 2 children and even though it feels like only yesterday to me , but its been around a decade since diapers were on my regular list. My younger cousin on the other hand has a gorgeous 2 month old that I had the pleasure of babysitting for a few days and they're a young couple and new parents so they've yet to fully understand and navigate through the sea of diaper brands and as I said earlier that its been a decade since I did my time in that department so I tried the other brand of diapers they had packed... Huggies I said as I shook my head remembering all times I woke up soaked in pee because they leaked as much as the baby wearing them. (Not only did my mom tell me they leaked back in the '80s they leaked in 2004 with my son and in 2010 with my daughter so they have had generations to improve... literally!) After my little love woke up, I went right to the store to buy Pampers, obviously Huggies has no desire to improve their product , I guess they know they can still get unsuspecting, new parents that are already sleep deprived and to broke to throw out the Huggies and use them till they're out then buy every brand but. I would love to save everyone a lot of time, money, and aggravation and let you know that Pampers is the best bet. Even if the Huggies price tag says it's a couple dollars cheaper trust me it's not when you factor in all the laundry you just had to do to clean up the mess you bought Huggies for in the first place and because they leak every time you go through them twice as fast so in essence they are the most expensive diapers out there! Pampers is the best no matter what size or stage you get. Lucky for those of you who are reading this, not only are you reading my opinion and issues I've had with multiple children, you're also getting every one in my large families opinion but all my friends and extended circles. Save money, save time, and stay dry... buy Pampers

Swaddlers We had a lot of leaks with the Swaddlers. Also, baby's bottom did not appreciate the fabric as it seemed to stick to him. We will switch brands

Great I have always loved using Pampers on my little ones. They both have extremely sensitive skin. But with Pampers I never had to worry.

Best diapers ever I love these diapers I started buying pampers swaddles when I was pregnant with my son. Some of my family tried to buy off brands but I refused them and told them I would only used swaddles. My son is two and still wears pampers at night I would recommend these diapers to everyone.

Pampers are our favorite diapers! We have tried MANY brands, and with both genders of children, Pampers brand always worked.