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  • Skconcepts By  Skconcepts    

    This is one of my favorite shows but you need to be sure to not watch with your children because not always appropriate content. When my hubby and I watch we enjoy the laughs and are happy that we are not alone with the trials and tribulations of life with teens

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  • maj6389 By  maj6389    

    I do enjoy this show..Good for a laugh.

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  • maineyizchill By  maineyizchill    

    I love this show it is a cookie take on families today and relationships we have.

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  • MommyYady By  MommyYady    

    I love this show! So nice to see the different dynamic families we have today. It't funny and sweet at the same time!

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  • auball210 By  auball210    

    Amazing. A fun show for kids and adults.

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  • Jcmarden By  Jcmarden    

    I think this a very bad show!!!

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  • lrs5065 By  lrs5065    

    This is a great comedy, it's easy to care about the characters and the cast work well together to make the stories work. Very funny.

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  • Melostar By  Melostar    

    This show is so hilarious! I love it!

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  • e2mily By  e2mily    

    One of the best shows on television. Hilarious.

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  • lkats16 By  lkats16    

    Funny show! Watch it every week.

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  • burgchick By  burgchick    

    Love this show...never miss an episode. We record on our DVR. Great jokes and dyfunction... I laugh out loud during each show... Kudos to the writers and actors!!

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  • summerjosephine By  summerjosephine    

    The most hilarious show ever!

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    I love this show. This is one of my many favorites. I DVR this show so I won't miss any episodes.

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  • sbjfap2 By  sbjfap2    

    This show cracks me up every single time I watch it! Funniest show I have watched in years--and possibly ever!

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  • Brooke1212 By  Brooke1212    

    Absolutely hilarious!

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