Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner

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Love this product. I have thick wavy hair that needs lots of moisturization and this product really does the trick! It smells great and is thick so that it sticks to every strand and penetrates them to give soft, manageable hair.

This is the best conditioner ever! I've got a cosmetology license and have tried tons of professional fancy schmancy products. This beats all of them and is my absolute favorite. I especially like their new "smooth" formula. It makes my hair crazy soft, helps with frizz, and is just fabulous. FABULOUS! My daughter has super curly hair, and this is the only thing I use on her hair. No shampoo, just this awesome conditioner. It makes her curls soft and pretty and perfect. Try this stuff! You'll love it!

I use the "strong" formula for strengthening long hair. It works better than conditioners I pay ten times as much for. I use this twice a week, and my hair is soft, shiny, and is less prone to tangles. With how long my hair is (past my tailbone) it is a very economical solution for my hair!

I LOVE THIS!! AND I RECOMMEND IT. Use it as directed and it will definitely be that miracle you want. I have thick frizzy hair and curls and it tamed it down a lot. It isn't expensive at all and it lasts a long time!

Being a natural, I did not think this would work on my hair because of my thick curls but I was pleasantly surprised. When they say on the bottle all you need to keep it in for is 3 minutes, they are not lying. My curls melted away in the shower and I loved how this product left my hair soft and manageable with me not doing a single thing to it beforehand. The only thing that I wish is that it could be silicone free but I can't get my way with everything.

This did help at first with my dry hair although after a few uses I noticed that it didn't seem as effective.

LOVE this! It works wonders on my dry hair.

I love this product so much! I have long, thick, naturally curly hair, so I deep condition it every other day. This is my favorite deep conditioner. It smells so good, and it makes my hair soft and smooth. My only complaint is that I wish the bottle was bigger.

Works really well. Leaves your hair really soft.

Excellent conditioner. This beat out the Aveda products I was using for years. I have naturally curly hair. Naturally curly hair also tends to be dry. I started using the Aussie 3 minute hair miracle as my daily conditioner. My stylist (he's a master stylist) was amazed at the improvement in the bounce, shine, texture and health of my hair. He wanted to know which product I was using. I had to confess it was the Aussie 3 minute miracle not the products from his salon. "Wow, Keep using it."

This stuff is great. I got the best results when I used it only once per week. My hair was very soft and manageable. I have used this product for many years. It's not expensive. You will be quite surprised with the results.

Miracle in a bottle! Moisturizing,soften,and detangles my natural curls

Great product. Love the smell (not overly fruity, etc).

I love this stuff! The only problem with it that I have is that I have to leave it on longer than 3 minutes. However, it makes my hair super soft and shiny so I have no problem with the wait.

I used to use this, but have since discovered Aubrey Organics products. I use the Island Naturals shampoo and conditioner and the Sea Buckthorn Leave-in Conditioner. Much better for the environment and even better than Aussie for my hair.