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  • carriemcullum By  carriemcullum    

    love these...i heard abouth them from a friend tried them and never went back to the ones with all the chemicals...they worked great at night and are easy to give

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  • lilfuctup By  lilfuctup    

    This is the only product that worked for my daughter.. I recommend this product to everyone! To tell you the truth i have a toothache once and used this product and it even worked for me. However they are hard to find in stores, i had to purchase online from rite-aid

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  • chickadeecj By  chickadeecj    

    We first starting using Hyland's Colic tabs with my son when he was 3 months old and it helped so much with his gas problems, hiccups, just everything (though I must say we did not give it to him at every whimper or scream) Then when he got to the teething stage, the teething tabs were the ONLY thing that helped him! I never had a problem with him choking (I always tried to put it on the side near his cheek or under his tongue and he did fine... he is now almost three and I gave hims some tabs while he was getting his two year old molars in .. wow, dont know what I would have done without it. We now use these for our teething twin boys and it is a tremendous help as well!! :D

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  • xdatinelia By  xdatinelia    

    We loved these when my two were teething. I am glad they recalled them and made the bottle safer however

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    These worked for my daughter, as well as my sister's son. These tiny tablets melt instantly on a baby's tongue, no chance of choking, as one reviewer wrote. I have and will recommend again to a friend.

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  • motheroftwoboys By  motheroftwoboys    

    These are awesome!!!! When my 7 year old was an infant, and he started teething, he was in a lot of pain all the time. We tried every teething gel possible. Then I happen to see these in my local drug store and decided to try them. We never had to buy teething gel, or give him any otc drugs at all. These were all he needed. Now, I do the same thing with my 8 month old. This is all we give him, because basically like his brother, this is all that works! I tell everyone I know with babies about this! I have even given this in a goodie basket for a baby shower gift.

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  • Courtmcl By  Courtmcl    

    These are awesome works better then anything out there! Was very disappointed when they were taking off the market but so glad they are back now!

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  • heatherv112506 By  heatherv112506    

    These really didn't seem to do much for my daughter's. Actually nothing seemed to work on them.

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  • aeryka310 By  aeryka310    

    these worked great!! the first few times i tried them, i was worried my daughter would choke so i put them in her bottle to dissolve and they worked just as well as when i was put them under her tongue. these little guys are the first thing i think of when my friends have teething babies!

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  • Lunasmommy By  Lunasmommy    

    Everytime we tried to use these, my daughter choked.

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  • imsum1els By  imsum1els    

    These Teething tablets are the ONLY thing that have ever helped my daughter while teething. Orajel just made her angry and drule all over the place and I hated giving her it. I used to melt these in a little water to make a paste to rum on her gums and within minutes she seemed so much happier.

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  • ChapstickGypsy By  ChapstickGypsy    

    This product is really amazing. I didn't feel safe giving my son other recommended things by friends such as Tylenol. These I felt safe and I knew I wasn't going to accidentally give him too much. He would wake up in the middle of the night crying due to teething, I would just pop 2 in his mouth and he would fall back asleep. I have another baby on the way and this will be another product i def buy again

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  • musicmomma By  musicmomma    

    When my two children were of teething age...we used the Hyland's teething tablets because they were recommended to ME by a friend. They seem to work wonders....actually I'm not really quite sure HOW they work but it soothed my fussy babies in a time of need.

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  • ampjorgensen By  ampjorgensen    

    Was an inconvenience when they were recalled. I called and they were kind enough to send me a free product and I bought their children's cough medicine for my oldest with it. Overall the tabs worked well, but not very long. The tabs were not each the same size, it reminded me of hand rolled and sliced pills you would see in the pioneer days and the lack of a child lock on the lid caused a few scares when my oldest got ahold of them.

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  • dslasvegas By  dslasvegas    

    I could not have survived my two children's teething if it weren't for this product. I recommend it to all my friends with kids and we all swear by it!

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