Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I love Kashi, but this one surprised me. It reminded me of Cap'n Crunch, if it were healthy. I will definitely buy this again.

I had 3.00 off coupons for this cereal which made it .47 cents to try and it is great my 1 & 3 year olds love it as well hummmm healthy and good

I have always been a Kashi fan and this flavor is great. Another plus? It's easy for my 2 year old to eat!

I thought this cereal was ok. I didn't like the texture after it soaked in the milk for a bit.

I like this cereal pretty good. It reminds me of Captain Crunch, but better for you. I like the Kashi products very much.

I got a couple of samples of Kashi's Honey Sunshine cereal and it is nasty to me, it's not sweet or anything... My Mother liked it though.... go figure. LoL

The cereal has alot of fiber - and it satisfies my cravings to CRUNCH!

Kashi Honey Sunshine is great for a quick snack without milk too.

I LOVE this cereal it was delicious and healthy!!

the first healthy cereal my kids like and ask me to buy

I liked Kashi Honey SUnshine with milk and thought that I would also like it as a dry snack. When I tried it as a snack I decided that it was hard to swallow. The tase was still good though.

My husband loves this cereal, buys it all the time

Tried my sample. I appreciate the healthier ingredients. It was a bit bland, though. However, sometimes you don't want something really sweet. Good to snack one.

I just recently found this cereal at my local Target. I'm always looking for new healthy cereals to try. I was really impressed with the great taste. I really enjoy the slight honey flavor. It is my new favorite cereal. Of course the bonus is the fiber and the natural ingredients. I despise high fructose corn syrup. I would definatelly recommend this!

I really liked it, especially with berries on top. I bought a huge box at sam's club. it is great