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  • summergirl007 By  summergirl007    


    Dove has been my only bar soap that I've used for over 20 years. It's not drying and leaves my skin soft and hydrated. I was introduced to Dove soap by a friend when she brought it on vacation where we shared a room. I used her soap and never looked back!

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  • lilli110227 By  lilli110227    

    Smells great!

    My family absolutely loves this! We love everything about it, this one it?s the perfect one for my daughter?s delicate skin, including her eczema

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  • susitravl By  susitravl    

    Dove is the only soap for my sensitive skin! Anything else and my skin is red for hours.

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  • DewGirl By  DewGirl    

    Cool & Refreshing

    Dove has always been my go-to soap and this is a wonderful addition to the Dove line. It is soft and gentle to the skin, lathers beautifully, rinses clean and leaves my skin fresh, clean and moisturized...and the scent is refreshing and cool.

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  • nerlande223 By  nerlande223    

    Dove review

    I love dove very good for the skin and smells so good.

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  • Runsthedistance By  Runsthedistance    

    So fresh and clean!

    It smells so fresh and clean. It makes my skin so soft and it lasts a long time. I love Dove body products!

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  • Virgpost By  Virgpost    

    Absolutely love dove bar soap!! I will not use anything else!!!

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  • jellybean By  jellybean    

    Fresh, fresh , fresh

    These bars really smell great and make you feel so fresh! They last a long time and the smell last a long time as well. This is my new go to bar soap.

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  • Gayle1 By  Gayle1    

    Lather me up !

    You can't never go wrong with Dove and it smell soft amazing and like have a mini spa in your bathroom.

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  • Phumzi By  Phumzi    


    Dove my great makes my skin soft and moisturizing.try it you will love it

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  • Msdreat By  Msdreat    


    I Love this Bar Soap, it gentle enough to bathe my children in! It smells o fresh and invigorating!

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  • Wiccanbat666 By  Wiccanbat666    

    Great soap!

    Absolutely love and enjoy this bar of soap! It?s a great everyday use kind of soap. I feel so refreshed and re-balanced after every use. It?s so definitely affordable too and would easily recommend it.

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  • Noahsmommy1008 By  Noahsmommy1008    

    Love Dove!

    My favorite bar soap! Love the scents and how clean it rinses.

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  • justrelaxing By  justrelaxing    

    Doves bath bars are the best for a clean feeling with no residue!

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  • WonderWomen72 By  WonderWomen72    

    Dove soap is the only one I will use on my dry skin especially during the winter season. This smells amazing!

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