Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

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I love these diapers! Very soft and almost like cloth. No leaks and rashes.

These diapers tend to leak on my baby no matter how many times I change them and they are expensive. I prefer Huggies. They hold very well.

I love these diapers. They are a little bit bulky, and sometimes feel full and they aren't. Overall I really like them tough.

I thought they were just OK. I have used Huggies on ALL my kids and these just came out while my last is in diapers. We tried them out and I didn't think they were as good as the good old Huggies. I will just stick to their "tried and true" diapers. These were also more expensive (price per diaper).

I didn't care for these much at all. My youngest daughter has a "high maintenance" butt,and can only wear name brand diapers so we tried these when they came out(with coupons ofcourse). They barely hold anything. We went on a walk for about 20 minutes(changed her before we left) and she soaked through by the time we got home. There are less diapers(about 40 or so) in them for the same price as a 52 count.Since she doesn't need the hypoallergenic diapers we steer clear of them(unless we need diapers and have a really good coupon for them)

I caught them on a great sale with a coupon and desided to try them. They are great for daytime use but if sed during the night my daughters room smells like pee whe she wakes up.

I tried these on my daughter for the first time about a month ago. I had been receiving coupons in the mail form Huggies and normally i just throw the Pure & Natural one away. I was very skeptical about using them. Well I finally decided to try them out and I really like them. They are super soft w/ nice stretchy tabs. There hasn't been any problems w/ leakage. My daughter wears them through the night and always wakes up dry. The price is a little steep though. I only buy them if I have the $3 off coupon from Huggies. They were definitely way better than I thought they would be.

good for my baby's sensitive bottom, after trying different diapers that were causing him a rash I ended up choosing this diapers. They are not ultra absorbent, and yes wetness seems to seep out into clothes sometimes. I think part of it is due to how air flows trough the diaper.

The wet diapers had more odor when using this brand. The outside of the diaper felt damp and my child skin felt damp ahile using these. It was as if the core of the diaper did not keep the moisture contained. The value was only considered average if I used coupons to purchase.

These are great!! Very cost effective and good for sensitive skin!

These are nice but really expensive

I don't think they hold up very well. I have a 2 month old and it always feels like the outside of her diaper is wet. Also, they are very expensive for the amount you get in a package.

I thought they were okay. My only complaint would be after my daughter was in them for 2 hours, and when i went to change her she had a lot of little small gel spots on her bottom. Other than that they worked okay for her.

i love the stretchy tabs on these diapers. they are great for daytime, but i have found that they do leak a little at night. i can usually find a lot of coupons for these diapers for $3 off, so i usually get them for around $15 or so for a package...

Well i disagree with you. I did not like them at all. They do leak,and have a weird smell.