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  • mkjordan307 By  mkjordan307    

    My toddler uses this carseat, only thing I have a problem with is the buckle in between his legs we have had two and they are always getting stuck so tight I can't get it out. That is the only thing I am not to happy about other then that good carseat

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  • Paperdoll13 By  Paperdoll13    

    Bought this product cuz my husband loved th color lol I like the cup holder my son throws he's sippy cup every where. Also the side pockets my son also stores he's toys there.

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  • Cassrox By  Cassrox    

    This car seat is awesome, & my boys love them! Just bought 2 for my 2 1/2 year old twin boys. One of the best features of the car seat is your child can stay in the 5 point harness till they are 65 pounds, which I haven't found any others that do that!

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  • roudabushmom By  roudabushmom    

    Great seat. Our daughter loves it. Easy to transfer from 1 vehicle to another.Highly recommend.

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  • happymommy28 By  happymommy28    

    My son received this car-seat for his first birthday. It has been fantastic. We love the cup-holder and the side pockets where he keeps all his goodies. He is now 4 1/2 and the seat is still great. It's easy to clean, just take the covers off and wash and good as new. He is still in the harness as it goes up to 65lbs. I have friends that have already put their kids in boosters, I am so glad that we have this seat because it has lasted so long and I don't see him growing out of it anytime soon. My sister has this seat for her son also and he is 6 and still in the harness! I am glad that we go this when we did so that we didn't have to go through several different car-seats. It's great to spend a little extra money on something that will last several years. Would highly recommend this car-seat to everyone.

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  • mama89 By  mama89    

    unfortuanly I can't afford a carseat like this so I'm constantly trying to find a seat that fits my child need. The car seat he has now does not support his head and when he fall asleep he wakes up to a neck cramp. It doesn't have a cup holder so his cup falls on the floor and I have to pull over to pick it up. But over all I'm looking for something just as good and afforable.

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  • imsum1els By  imsum1els    

    I love this seat and at $180 it's a great deal for a seat that will last until my daughters out of car seats completely. My Daughter LOVES the pink flower pattern and seems really comfy in it.

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  • dawnepeters By  dawnepeters    

    Best carseat ever. It was recommended to my parents by the sales rep at Toys R Us and now we own two and my parents own another for visits. Wonderful and love the ease of adjustability.

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  • Maxsanders By  Maxsanders    

    My three year old has this car seat, he's had it for a few months, I love that it grows with him! It was also important that he's able to sleep comfortably in it since he's a napper. he loves the drink holder and the cubbies! I plan on getting another for my one-year-old as well when he goes forward facing.

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  • fishersonia By  fishersonia    

    I would love one of these. Saw it at the store. It is the lexus of child seats

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  • alopez By  alopez    

    i recently bought this chair andn i think is great

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  • xosushixo By  xosushixo    

    Best seat ever.. we have 2 for my daughter and my parents have one for her as well... would never buy anything else.. very comfy on a plane too...

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  • hunterjm By  hunterjm    

    This seat is great! I have it for my two boys. My oldest is 5.5 and he is still able to be in a 5 point harness. I would HIGHLY recommend it.

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  • DeWeese By  DeWeese    

    I have this seat for my granddaughter. She absolutely loves it. The cup holders and the cubbies are her favorite features. She has her drink, and her oyster crackers on one side of her. On the other side, she keeps her travel toys.

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  • blessedwithtwo By  blessedwithtwo    

    I love this car seat. I have two and very grateful we got these. They are very easy to install and clean, very safe and the price is great. This a very good car seat for a long term investment. The one bad thing is, it is heavy but manageable.

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