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  • mickey7879 By  mickey7879    

    I loved using these drop ins. It was great them being mess free and always ready to go.

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  • miriah By  miriah    

    I used these for both my girls when they were babies, they are very convenient. As a new mom, or dad people don't have a lot of extra time on their hands. These make life easier, and get the job done fast. A few times though out of the hundreds of times of use I did have a problem, when pouring in milk sometimes the liner would fall through the opening of the top of bottle, and milk would spill to the floor liner and all. I think it had to do with not lining up the liner with the mouth of the bottle quite right. At 2 in the a.m. my vision isn't so great. But 9 times out of 10 these were awesome.

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  • phs_cutie By  phs_cutie    

    I love these! I started using them on my first, and now again on my second, and I think the are so amazing! They have less air, which means less gas. And since you throw away the liner, less clean up! These are so amazing and I would recommend them to anyone!

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  • onlyme212529 By  onlyme212529    

    I love these bottles! I've used these since my oldest daughter was a baby(only then they still had the brown silicone nipples instead of the clear). I much prefer to use the brown nipples to these bottles because those are what my babies seem to take to the best but the nipples they come with work just as well. LOVE how the liners are already pre measured to fit the bottle exactly but I started using Parent's Choice liners(the ones you have to actually fit onto the bottle top which was cheaper and worked just the same. These bottles tend to fend off spit up with my girls and that is mainly why I use them =) Great bottles

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  • pbs0802 By  pbs0802    

    I tried several different brands of bottles because my daughter had colic. My mom kept telling me to use these bottles. I finally listened to her and bought them. Although I can't say they helped the colic, I am glad I trid them. When my son was born, I knew I would use them again. It is costly having to buy the liners but it makes the bottles easier to clean and that is worth it to me.

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  • carriemcullum By  carriemcullum    

    i love the disposable drop in liners...i breast feed but when I went back to work these are what I always used for the babysitter.

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  • krys2000 By  krys2000    

    I successfully used these bottles for 2 kids. They were great. My mom also used them for my siblings back in the day.

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  • JenSchwieb By  JenSchwieb    

    I used these bottles for all three of my kids and loved them! I tried other bottles as well, but between convenience and the fact that these bottles were easier on my GERD (gastroesophageal reflux) babies, this one won hands down. As I said, the convenience was huge for me. It was so nice to be able to always have a clean liner handy - no more having to make sure bottles were washed right away! The only reason I did not rate this 5 stars is because there is the extra price attached to this convenience, with having to buy new liners all the time. But still, this is the best bottle, in my opinion!

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  • love4999 By  love4999    

    they work well, but after my first, I just couldn't justify the cost of the liners. Never had a problem with them, just not economical.

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  • susie_q_8487 By  susie_q_8487    

    I love these! Have used them with all three children. They work great and make keeping the gas out of their tummies easy. I acutally rewash the liners three or four times, works great.

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  • josmommy By  josmommy    

    My son was breast fed for two solid months and i decided to pump and give him bottles these bottles with the latex nipples were the only bottles he would take and his peditrician acctually recomended them for his reflux issures i love them he gets less gas and the work great for bm or formula and they now come with storage sets for fridge use too!if i wuldve know these would work for him in the first place i couldve avoided so much hassle so if u are switching over a breastfed baby to bottles you must try these first!

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  • sykick By  sykick    

    These are the absolute best bottles! I used this with both of my boys, one of which had severe colic! The style allows it to function similar to breast feeding, which is great if you do both. The liners can be refrigerated, which is a convenience if you give breast milk via bottle. Also, because these collapse, they all for absolutely no air to get mixed in, which means your baby doesn't swallow as much, thus greatly increasing their own comfort. The convenience of having a clean liner every feeding is wonderful, leaving little more than the nipple needing to be washed. The interchangeable nipple styles allows for changing the flow of the bottle to even nipple size to allow comfort to your unique baby's needs.

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  • bratz54 By  bratz54    

    I got a whole stash build up of these and the liners for when I ever do have a baby I have them on hand. My mother used these back when I was a baby and she loved them then and I can wait to have a baby to use them.

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  • crys7881 By  crys7881    

    Fabulous for sure!!! I love using these for my third chld!! They make cleaning and making bottles extra easy!! But they can get expensive since you have to buy them all the time, but it is definitely worth it if you can afford it!!!

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  • CinnamonSilver By  CinnamonSilver    

    I have a one year old that I just recently stopped breast feeding. I used the Playtex drop in liners for the entirety of that time. The fact that I can push the air out of the flexible liners helped reduce gas in my little guy. I loved the convenience of being able to just throw the liner away. The nipples for these bottles closely simulated a mothers nipple, so I was never worried about my son getting nipple confusion. They were also very user friendly, much to my husbands relief!

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