Swiffer  Dust & Shine Furniture Spray

Swiffer Dust & Shine Furniture Spray

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i have my grandmothers dining room set. this produst is great there isn't any build up, smells wonderful and reaaly restores the shine.

I really love the smell of this product. It works really well on my furniture, and I have a dog so we get a lot of dog hair. It doesn't have a waxy build up which is great.

Ever since this product came out, it is all I buy for dusting. It works great on my wood furniture and the scent I buy (Lavender Vanilla and Comfort) smells lovely. I've found that not only does this product cost less than what I was spending on the other furniture polish I was using, but it also works better. I have 1 cat and 1 dog so hair does accumulate on my furniture often, but with this product I don't have to dust as often as I did with the other I was using. Great product here!

I like the smell and it works well. My daughter says it smells bad though.

Just started to use it and I love it. Smells great. No build up and it sprays evenly. I was a pledge fan, but now I don't think I'll use Pledge ever again!

i like this product and have used it several times.... It really works good and does have a nice scent. But i always go back to using "old english", my mother used old english when i was a kid....so its just too hard to stop using ~memories~ (:p)

Works good on dust..will have to try it on my wood floors..

I love using this for the smell alone! The lavender and vanilla makes my house smell so fresh and clean- makes dusting a little more enjoyable!

Love the product... Does wonders to the leather sofa, removes stains and gives a nice shine with no wax buildup

The scents are really nice and it does a good job of polishing wood.

Great product, but make sure you watch the lable if you use fabreeze. It has the same Nozzle and look.

I recently purchased this and used it on our wood table in the kitchen as well as our entertainment center in the living room. Not only did it make the furniture look great but it left such a pleasant smell behind.

I have this product and I must say it works really well. It has a variety of different scents and the dust repellant is a really useful tool! I would totally recommend this product!

I have used this and it works well.

ist COOL!