Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Eyeliner

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It's not bad but seems to always get into my eyes before it sets. Perhaps if it were a little thicker it would be easier but then it also seems to flake after a few hours of wear .

Usually im really picky when it comes to eyeliners but this stuff works so well. Its easy to put on and lasts all day for me! Love it!

one of my favorite eyeliners, stays on long and easy to use!

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I use it everyday to my top eyelids! Stays on perfect all day wit do smudging or anything! Worth the money and lasts for months!

Love this liquid eye liner! It does on smoothly and you only have to apply it once! Its really easy to use and its not to expensive! Definitely recommend!

Easy to apply and great color, but it doesn't last and it doesn't look exactly natural.

Love love love love love, I love pitch black eyeliner and that is the color this product gives. Not only that but it makes it even easier to make perfect lines because of its brush.

I am very indifferent about this product. The color is extremely vibrant and goes on smoothly in the beginning but after a few applications it starts to get dull and dry. I'm not a fan of having to replace the same product to often. The container is noticeably smaller than other eyeliners I've used which made me hesitate on buying. In the end. I rate 3 stars. Not the worst not winning a grammy

I would love to try this have used a cheap bad brand didn't know if it was me- no

This product is a life saver for eyeliner-junkies like me. It DOES last long and even though some liquid liners dry out to an extent where your 'line' cracks and flakes into your eyes, this one doesn't. It stays on free of cracks

I don't like that this eyeliner seems to begin flaking off by the end of the day. I do like how easily it goes on.

I love this produce because it stays on all day,easy tp apply and thin tipped for that easy cat eye application.

This is good product. The pencil is just precise for my needs.

This eyeliner is really easy to apply due to its thin brush tip and it stays on pretty well. After several uses, though, the eyeliner color doesn't seem to apply as vibrantly as it did before. Requires vigorous shaking before use. Also, the container size is rather small so I wound up going through the entire product rather quickly. I would attribute that to the product itself drying out in the container a lot faster than other liquid eyeliners I have used. Still, the product stays on my eyelids all day, so I approve!

Great for clean lined eyeliner. Stays on the whole day. The color is as black as it gets. The tip is very easy to apply with. I love it