e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

e.l.f. Cosmetics Studio Line

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Although there are a few products I would recommend going to one of the more expensive brands for, such as foundation or makeup brushes, e.l.f. is a good brand to build up a standard makeup collection at a reasonable price.

Bought the mist makeup setting spray. Works excellent, and elf is my favorite makeup line! Plus you can't go wrong with how cheap and good quality it is.

Had fun at Target one day and bought some E.L.F. makeup that was on sale i.e. eye shadow and powder. I love the products. The glide on smooth and the colors stay on. I am now turned on even more as I see the products offered at my local dollar stores. Fun!

elf is a good product at a very fair price. I've used several makeup brushes and a few cosmetics.

E.L.F. products have never failed me. I especially like the nail polish; it doesn't chip easily.

I guess you get what you pay for. While the ELF line is not absolutely terrible, I haven't had great results with it either. The eyeshadows I've used have creased, the eyeshadow primer does nothing for my oily skin, and the brush bristles shed off like nobody's business. I've yet to try anything else, but with my acne-prone skin, I'm a little hesitant to pull the trigger. I give it 3 stars for being affordable.

ELF is a very affordable makeup line. Sure some of the products are a hit or miss, but you can't really ask for much when you're getting these babies for around $3 (more or less). I will ALWAYS turn to this brand!

I have bought some elf products and was very pleased not only with the price but the way it worked for my skin.I also loved the nail polishes.

E.L.f is definately not a bad product and what most people fail to realize is that the cheap products are usually the products that last longer, have great quality and quantity, and works better on skin. I have to use hypoallergenic products and E.L.F may not be that but break me out was one think it didnt do. So give it a try you just might like it.

Very decent quality for the price. The eye shadows are a little powdery but great color choices.

Good brand. Been using this brand for years and never had a problem.

I love e.l.f products they are affordable and work well

I love my elf makeup, and everything I have bought from there has been great. Their everyday prices are already so low, and beyond that, they always have incredible sales and deals. I recently bought nine $3 items that were all half off-- with shipping it was less than $21, and included mascara and primer, under eye concealer, blush, bronze rand translucent powder, along with a few other things. Even at their normal prices, there is no way you can go wrong, even if you get something once in a while that doesn't work for you. I highly recommend elf, and if you have any interest in their products you should sign up for their emails-- they have special offers everyday that will blow your mind!

I have never had a bad experience with E.L.F. cosmetics. I own their brushes, liquid eyeliner, several eye shadow pallets, false eye lashes, primer, and nail polishes. E.L.F. makeup in my opinion is worth it! It may be cheap and I understand a lot of people think that cheap makeup means cheap quality, but in this case that is not the reality at all. The makeup lasts, it feels good, and it isn't harsh on my sensitive skin. The nail polish goes on great! It doesn't chip easily, even if you have to wash dishes every day. I think everyone should try E.L.F at least once. I feel very strongly about their products. They really are great!

i have a whole make up box full ok E.L.F products i just love them the wonderful colors and the brush are my favorite i talk to my friends about E.L.F all the time and now they buy them :)