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If you truly enjoy originality and appreciate great art/fashion/fanbases this is DEFINITELY the website for you. I am amazed with how many wonderful, and creative things people have come up with and are willing to share it. absolutely LOVE.

this is a great site. You can find unique things already made and you can find the supplies to make them. I love it.

some ppl are way overpriced for items but its a nice site, has everything you can imagine.

You can get some good finds but sometimes you have to search a while to find it.

I love looking through all of the great items on here, but have never actually bought anything. The prices have kept me from that.

Not a big fan. The site is ok but doesn't really pull me in

love this site & all the unique finds!

I love that you can find anything on this website that is crafty. I love that it is almost all homemade and I love giving money to the start up business owner. Visit it if you want to find something unique.

I am planning a wedding and have used this website a lot. I use it for ideas and have also ordered a few things. We ordered our table numbers which came it perfect. The best part was we requested something differnt and the seller made it for us!


I love that there is a place where crafters, etc. can sell their handmade goods. I love that there is a place where I can buy those handmade goods. I have seen some wonderful things on Etsy. I aspire to one day be good enough at my crafting and crocheting to have an Etsy shop and sell my goods. Some of the store's prices are ridiculously high, but you can find some nice things that aren't too expensive as well. It just depends on which stores you shop at.

Fun just to look around. Great for those hard to buy gifts. Always something unique. Mosr often I purchase from work from home moms. I like knowing I am helping to support their small business and encouraging their talents.

Etsy is such a great site! I bought so many things from Etsy for my wedding, and everything was hand crafted and just so perfect! There's no way I could have created everything on my own, or even come up with some of the ideas! The artists selling items are just so genius.

Etsy was a godsend while planning my wedding. I loved being able to support small businesses while also getting great, unique stuff for my wedding. If you need a gift idea for anyone, I promise you will find them something great on etsy.

While there are loads of fantastic artists who actually handcraft their wares, there are also loads of cheaters that purchase their "handmade owl necklaces forged in a cave by a Peruvian princess" from Oriental Trader and hike up the price by 500%. This doesn't keep me from using Etsy but it does make me question the authenticity of a lot of items.