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    My son really likes these. I like that they are organic and easy to find at my local grocery store.

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  • Sammybear25369 By  Sammybear25369    

    Great product! Kids loved them> Organic stuff is always higher priced though!

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  • zoezachmom By  zoezachmom    

    My son loved these. When we walk past them at the store he says mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I recommend these to every one I know who has a baby!! Happy Baby products are the best!!

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  • chrissy2lily By  chrissy2lily    

    Ahhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!!! is what she does when this container comes out . Love this product and the variety of puffs they have . not only is it yummy for my baby but organic and some of the flavors are gluten free as well !!!

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  • Mere98 By  Mere98    

    My son loves these. I like them because they are organic and aren't loaded with sugar!

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  • myndy86 By  myndy86    

    Best puffs ever. Even i sneak a few. Great for road trips my kids have been eating puffs since they where babies now they are 3 and 1 and still eat them!

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  • hannahsmom04 By  hannahsmom04    

    my child likes these. its nice that they are organic

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  • michelemj By  michelemj    

    My son enjoyed these when he first started eating solids. However, as a toddler he won't eat them. He prefers the fruit pouches or just plain cheerios.

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  • darw67 By  darw67    

    My son loves these - they are organic, and melt really quick, which eases the choking fear, not a lot of sugar or fat, so a great snack for a toddler.

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  • alaskajamaica By  alaskajamaica    

    I love these for my kids since they are organic, but they rarely go on sale, and the coupons that are out there for them don't help.

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  • asalinas02 By  asalinas02    

    My picky 2 year old still likes these for a snack and I often find my 5 year old sneaking a few for himself too.

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  • extexgirl By  extexgirl    

    My kids love these. You can get them at Target or Babies r Us. I like these because they are organic.

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  • hudsonanne By  hudsonanne    

    I haven't seen the puffs at my store either, but I tell everyone I meet that the Happy Baby frozen baby food is AMAZING!!! My daughter was having trouble transitioning to baby food from nursing- she didn't care for anything much. I tried this brand (in the freezer section- they come in an ice cube like tray) and she started gobbling it down. I couldn't feed it to her fast enough. They are so convenient to use. If we are going out, i just pop two or three cubes in a small tupperware with a lid and they thaw while i'm on the go. They also work great in all the 'sneaky chef' recipes. So instead of boiling, mashing, dividing and freezing all the purees- i just pop out one or two of these organic veggie cubes and i'm all done. I would definitely tell everyone to try this brand- very, very good!

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  • liliarose By  liliarose    

    Very good. I was hungry when my daughter was eating some and I tried a couple. Good flavor but not to overpowering for a baby. You can tell they're not sugary or junk foody when you eat them. They were inexpensive. They dissolve faster than any other product like this that my daughter has tried. Definitely eased any fears I had of her choking on them. And the best part is--she loves them and she's so proud that she can feed herself something.

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  • jennyandscottk By  jennyandscottk    

    I was babysitting my nephew and they left some at my house. My daughter is too young to be on food yet. So in a moment of hunger, I ate some. My nephew loves them and they are pretty good.

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