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  • rocknrollprincess22 By  rocknrollprincess22    

    Sigma and mac move over elfs brushes just stole your spot Elfs brushes are affordable and high quality there a must have!

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  • Jepaas By  Jepaas    

    I have quite a few of these brushes. They are pretty cheap and affordable but do the job. Last quite a while if you take care of them.

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  • marsiana1 By  marsiana1    

    I love these brushes are very good and very cheap.

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  • haleybrooke By  haleybrooke    

    Very affortable and soft but the tops always fall off of mine.

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  • Babygirl198378 By  Babygirl198378    

    Excellent brand...soft and durable. Good set of brushes to have.

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  • BlushingBeauty By  BlushingBeauty    

    All of these brushes are wonderful! I have no idea what I'd do without them! They're cheap, soft, easy to clean, and great applicators!

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  • cyasiansrock By  cyasiansrock    

    They're affordable and of good quality. I would recommend the elf brand to anyone.

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  • Chardancer4life By  Chardancer4life    

    Love them! Cheap but durable ad easy to use and clean. They are great :)

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  • punka_rudy15 By  punka_rudy15    

    I love elf brushes . There cheap but They work as good as the Mac brushes and the brushes are fluffy

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  • lkats16 By  lkats16    

    They're pretty consistent with the brands that you pay top dollar for, well...almost! They're not as great as MAC or what have you but they get the job done and the greatest part is they're only a dollar! You can't beat that!

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  • MakeupMahem By  MakeupMahem    

    For the price, the e.l.f cosmetic brushes are amazing. Depending on which one you get you might experience some shedding, so i would recommend the the brushes from the studio line. They hold up alot more than those from the Mineral and Essential lines. Great brushes!

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  • kermette98 By  kermette98    

    These brushes are amazing! I have used brushes from other high end brands and these are really comparable. They are soft and do not shed. I really like to use these with the ELF brush shampoo and daily cleaner. They all really work well!

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  • devynsmom2011 By  devynsmom2011    


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  • PtsGirl By  PtsGirl    

    These brushes are awesome and at a great price. They are a dollar each and come in any shape and size you could need. Mine have lasted a long time and if anything were to happen to them the company is great about replacing and always having discounts.

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  • thehut By  thehut    

    can't complain this works way better than expensive ones

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