Sassy Teething Feeder

Sassy Teething Feeder

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I just bought this for my 7 month old baby boy and he loves it! The first thing I put in it was a banana. He chewed and chewed it for such a long time. I watched him very closely and just teeny tiny bits were coming through. It's a great item if you want your baby to eat organic. I also use it on the go. It's much easier to grab a banana and this item, and get it ready and hand it to your baby to eat, than trying to spoon-feed baby food. Some reviews say it's hard to clean, but I don't think it is. You just have to hold it under a faucet to get the left over bits, then put a drop or two of dishwashing liquid on it and scrub it like you are lathering up a washcloth. Plus, my baby loves the way the material feels on his itch gums. The fabric isn't hard or stiff in any way, but it is made in a way that when he chews on it, it offers relief from teething. In fact, I will sometimes put a frozen piece of fruit in it for added teething relief. I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone with a baby. The only thing, and I mean only is that it can get messy. But, so can spoon-feeding a baby. I think it is a great item and have bought each of 3 babies a couple of these over the years.

These are awesome, espeicailly with teething i throw a frozen fruit in there and she loves it. But its awful to clean and feels impossible when you dont have a dish washer.

Great for toddlers! Perfect investment

These are great i love these!

These are awesome!!! I have put multiple foods in here, fresh & frozen. Yes, cleaning is a bit tedious, but if you let it sit in warm soapy water for a bit it rinses clean much more easily. A bit more on the cleaning end is totally worth it to me though, its a fabulous way for us all to eat dinner together!

These are awesome! We used to freeze fruit for our oldest daughter when she was a baby and it was wonderful on her gums! We are about to get one for our current youngest baby.

Loved this it was one of the only ways I could get my picky eater to eat his fruit and veggies. I also felt he was safer eating with it. it is also amazing for teething. Loved it

It's was a good idea but I thought it was a little to messy, they need a wardrobe change when thy were done. But it was nice that you didn't have to worry about them choking any skins from certain fruits.

Good for babies that have already had solids bc sometimes a lot of the food comes out and might choke the little one

I like this product because of the idea, but when it comes down to it, it just doesn't work quite as intended. First of all, anything that you put in here needs to be reasonably soft and squishy for the baby to get any use out of it. However, babies this age are usually still learning to hold things and coordinate their movements. This means that as soon as baby drops this, it's going to get gunk on it (which will stick because of the food inside) and then the baby is going to pick it up and put it back in his or her mouth. So now they are sucking on a mesh bag that possibly has lint, dust, dirt, etc, stuck to it... Of course, you can put the baby in a high chair to try and avoid this, but there is still a pretty high chance that it's going to end up on the floor, and it isn't something you can just rinse off and give back to them. Secondly, if baby is teething and they try to start chewing/sucking on this, and they don't have the proper coordination, the bag is quite likely not going to get chewed on as much as baby would like to, which makes my daughter scream in frustration. Then I have to take it away and try to give her something that she can really bite down good on to take away the teething pain. Lastly, this thing is a HUGE pain to clean. Even if you get one good use out of it, after that you are left cleaning little bits of fruit and veggie and mushy stuff from in and around all the little mesh holes and from around the ring at the top. It's actually a lot harder than it would seem, and I can wash this four or five times by hand before I feel like I've "gotten it all". I stopped using it after about five uses because when I went to get it out of the cupboard I found that I had missed a small chunk of something in one of the little holes and it had turned a gross grayish color. Yuck! I ended up throwing it out.

I really like this product but ended up throwing it away because we had used bananas in it one day and It was just a pain to try to clean it.

This was a great tool for introducing my son to solid fruits and veggies. He loved it as well. The only downfall was that it is hard to clean.

Love teethers


like other people mention this a great for teething children, use some frozen fruit or cooked vegetable. But it can be difficult to clean depending on what you put in there, like bananas or strawberries. There is a similar product where the handle separates from the basket part, I have these ones from my first child and plan to use them with my newborn as soon as he is ready.