Revlon  Quick Dry Top Coat

Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat

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I like this product bunches! It's not super expensive and helps keep my nails looking great for a longer period of time. The shine is wonderful and adds a special touch to my color.

Works wonderful lasts long and dries quick!

I love this product ,It makes my nails shiny & stronger. It lasts longer than other brands i have tried. Through washing dishes & giving my kids baths its lasts keeps my polish lasting longer!!

Real great, keep my name looking good for several days, with out cheaping

Love this product. It is a perfect quick coat for my little girly girl. She love polish but don't want to wait for it to dry. I use this on her every time to speed up the process and it has been working extra well.

I have a mild addiction to nail polishes but sadly I've been cursed with short brittle nails. I don't like the feeling of having fake nails and must I add they make my own nails look worse once the fake ones come off so I love doing them myself. I'm usually very impatient and end up messing up my nail polish as soon as I apply it. I picked this top coat at Wal-Mart (initially just because I liked the packaging with the frosted glass and the white cap) and I have to say I love it! I will definitely keep buying it. Comparing this top coat to others I've purchased from Sally Hansen, China Glaze, N.Y.C, etc... my favorite part of this product is the consistency of it. I've noticed that other products begin to feel very thick and gooey and I hate that. My routine includes two coats of this product after my nail polish but I've found my polish lasts about 5 days longer and it definitely dries quicker. PLUS the price is not bad AT ALL!

great top coat and makes nails look healthy and attractive

This is one of my favorite top coats. Not only it makes my nails shinier, it make it stronger too.

This is great

i really like this product it has made my nails really strong & it shines nice=] its my new fav top coat quick dry i would totally recommend this

I like this top coat, but my favorite is Seche Vite. Give it a try if you're still looking for something!

I love this product. Have my nails grown out pretty long right now. Don't want to mess around waiting for polish to dry. I put 4 coats on in one sitting for several reasons but primarily because it makes my nails 100x stronger. I need a really good quick dry top coat and the two products I've found have BOTH been discontinued. What is up with that ? L'Oreal used to make an excellent product, and I'm not talking about the oil top coat (that's baloney). Then I found Almay (Revlon is the parent company I guess). I am down to the last half bottle and can't find anymore on the store shelves or online. I say again, What is up with that ?