Movie The Proposal

Movie The Proposal

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It's a nice movie and the main characters are funny, but I couldn't totally get into the love story. But there is definitely a lot of laughs and entertainment in there.

Loved this movie. Ryan Reynolds is one of my favorite actors. He and Sandra Bullock play off each other so well in this one. There are some touching moments, and it's rather predictable, but it is oh so funny along the way. Briefly, Sandra's character is about to be deported back to Canada and blurts out a spur of the moment lie that she's getting married and will be allowed to stay. Oh really, her bosses ask . . . and she acts quick to claim a clueless Ryan as her fiance. The rest of the movie is them trying to cover her lie and convince people it's real. A cute, fun time movie.

I love this movie. I have watched it many many times. I love the dynamic between Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. And who doesn't love Betty White? She plays the part of the grandmother very well.

very good... funny

Cute movie that the whole family can enjoy. As always Sandra is wonderful in this film

This was a cute movie but not one of Sandra's best.

This movie was funny, but predictable!

I really loved this movie, because I love romantic movies with couples who don't start off trying to be romantic, and as they go through more craziness together, they end up falling in love, in spite of all their false. I love it.

Loved the movie! Betty White was hilarious!

love love love this so funny and i did cry coz i love seeing true love at the end!

I love this movie! I didn't think I would like it, because it is not usually my type of movie, but it is so well done! It is funny, dramatic, and romantic all at the same time. I really related to the characters and the situation. It is a fun movie, and the actors all do an incredible job!

I thought this movie was light, funny and very entertaining. I love Sandra Bullock and think she is a fabulous actress

Adorable love story... albeit accidental. lol.

I am not a huge fan of comedy as they usually just make me cringe versus make me laugh, but this movie was awesome. There wasn't a moment in the movie that didn't make me laugh. This is one I could watch over and over, and I typically don't watch movies more than once. Great movie!

Loved Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds together