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  • krissy621 By  krissy621    

    Quick, easy and delicious lunch that I frequently make for my three year old!

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  • Charlisha222 By  Charlisha222    

    Great little snack or lunch for your little one. These are fast and easy to make. 3 1/2 minutes, and you are done.

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  • TheWhitePegasus By  TheWhitePegasus    

    I didn't care for this. My noodles looked slimy not cheesy. I thought I made it wrong but I made another and it turned out the same way.

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  • carolc By  carolc    

    creamy is all it has for this product i wouldnt eat it its just different tasting

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  • shelstrat By  shelstrat    

    Not as good as stove top, but I eat these all the time, and like it much better than the Kraft Mac & Cheese microwave version.

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  • wmn2wmn By  wmn2wmn    

    these are really eazy to make and the same great flavor... perfect size..

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  • kitties10013 By  kitties10013    

    i may just be a kid but i thought this product was phenominal! some say it was gummy and tasteless. dont shun the mac people! it filled me up just fine after i added some chicken, and an extra bonus is that it was cheap so i could buy it myself! i also personally think sauce is better than powder and it doesnt need refrigerated.

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  • cwmartucci By  cwmartucci    

    Love these!!! nice creamy cheese taste.. perfect to take camping/travel with us!!! easy for everyone to make.. send them to college with my son !!!

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  • samamfee1 By  samamfee1    

    Taste too artificial to me.

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  • chevy7998 By  chevy7998    

    I love these so does my 2 year old we have them for a lunch quick and easy.

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  • simplerhia By  simplerhia    

    Absolutely LOVE these. Sooo good when i have that craving for mac and cheese!!! Love the fact that it is really quick.

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  • shoppingurl1697 By  shoppingurl1697    

    i love these there delicious and great for a quick and feel you up

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  • Connie814 By  Connie814    

    I got a coupon for two of these free from Kraft First Taste. It IS very convenient, but the taste and texture were just awful, imo.

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  • alwys4evr By  alwys4evr    

    I bought this once because It was on sale. It was good but for some reason i dont think it tasted as good as a regular box. It is definintely easy to make for a quick snack but not enough to even fill up my 2 year old.

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  • bdesarro By  bdesarro    

    i feel like it tastes better than in a box. can that be true?

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